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Comment Re:Good deal! (Score 1) 102

There's no alt.* yet at all, in 1981, but this was just posted "today" to fa.info-cpm:

Keith Petersen (W8SDZ@MC) has uploaded the following files for those
of you with the APPLE II with the Microsoft Z80 cards and CP/M. We
suggest that you capture MC:CPM;APBOOT MAC (or MC:CPM;APMBOT ASM),
assemble it, and use it with :LMODEM on MC to get MC:CPM;CRCK COM and
and you can throw away APBOOT. From there you can use APMODM to grab
whatever other files of interest from MC:CPM; or the various Remote
CP/M systems around the country (see MC:CPM;RCP/M NOS and MC:CPM;RCP/M
INFO for more details).

    1 APBOOT MAC 0 +235
    1 APBYE ASM 4 +764
    1 APHIGH MEMASM 0 +310
    14 APMBOT ASM 1 +500
    1 APMODM 21ASM 7 +550
    1 APMODM 2ASM 7 +832
    1 APMODM DOC 0 +908
    1 APXMOD ASM 4 +848

Submission + - Usenet with a 30 year lag (olduse.net)

joey writes: "The early A-News days of Usenet are being played out on olduse.net in realtime with a 30 year time delay. You can catch up on what rms and Postel are doing, Keep informed of the latest prices in disk drives ($75000 per gigabyte), and more. Available through a web-based teletype or NNTP.

I plan to run the service for the next ten years, until 1991."

Comment Re:Why / how? (Score 1) 101

One commit per tested bugfix. One commit per semi-tested feature. One commit per update to design spec. One commit per update to docs (if not included in a feature/bugfix commit). Also, one merge commit per non-fastforward, non-rebased merge from a feature or bugfix branch can easily bloat the numbers. Plus you can choose to make multiple commits while within those branches, which both bloats the numbers greatly, and helps with backing out if you get into that broken state you mention and can't find your way out.

Also, you can get seriously more productive by increasing your iteration rate. No matter what resources need to be thrown at the test infrastructure etc to allow an increase. This is why Debian, which used to iterate once a day, now pushes out updates to unstable 6 times a day (with CD builds etc) and testing 2, IIRC,

Comment Re:Mail Server on both ends (Score 1) 268

Solved problem from the 1970's. Answer: UUCP.

I suspect that NASA doesn't run servers on the ISS though. Their computer model seems to be ancient, proprietary, space-hardened embedded stuff for mission critical needs, and a pile of disposable laptops for crew needs. That's probably crippling their network infrastructure in many ways.

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