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Comment Contollers should NOT be on the Internet (Score 1) 124

No Industrial Controller should ever be connected to the internet. This security problem applies to all Manufacturing, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and Power industries.

When multiple sites need to be connected, they should use a Serial Dial-up or Leased Line connection or a VPN bridge that cannot respond to any Internet requests that do not originate from the VPN. DDOS attacks against the VPN nodes should only be able to disconnect the controller networks at which point a fallback Dial-up connection will take over.

Industrial Controller networks should look like this:
remote PLC/PID -- Firewall -- remote HMI/SCADA/Historian -- Firewall -- VPNbridge -- Internet -- VPNBridge -- Firewall -- HQ HMI/SCADA/Historian

An industrial Controller network should generate an severe error alert if any internet site is reachable.

Submission + - White House Pledges Open Access to Publicly-Funded Research (

Alpert8 writes: "Dr. John Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology, released a response today today to a petition on asking for free public access to journal articles arising from taxpayer-funded research. In it, Dr. Holdren acknowledges the importance of the free exchange of information, and on behalf of the Obama Administration, he has written a memo asking federal agencies that provide over $100M in research funding to submit a plan within six months on how they will implement public access. The goal would be to have these journal articles freely available on the internet within 12 months of the publication data. The National Institutes of Health have done a marvelous job of providing access to NIH-funded research, and this policy is in the same vein."

Comment If you want a bigger Fuel Cell how about 1.5Kw (Score 1) 204

BlueGen Fuel Cell uses Natural Gas to generate 1.5Kw electric power and 0.5Kw heat as 25 gallons/day of hot water. The fuel cell is designed to run 24/7/365 and works with power company net metering. Think of it as an infinite duration UPS.

Comment The Internet Jailbreak is EASY... (Score 1) 270

Let the Censors be hoist on their own petard...

TOR for network transport
Encrypted/Signed DNS local DNS proxy for locating public network resources
Anonymous TOR DNS for locating encrypted network resources
Bittorrent for distributed storage and data transport
Overlay protocols for WEB, MAIL, CHAT, Internet Phone, etc that never leave the TOR network
with local proxy/forwarders and distributed servers or no servers at all
Exit Node proxies with white-lists for Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.
All wrapped up in a simple to use installer for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix, IOS and Android.

Comment Simple Tech, block the heat, use natural drafts (Score 1) 259

For the open square, a regular grid of telephone poles with staggered height sheets of white canvas or translucent plastic. This allows unobstructed air circulation while blocking 50% to 80% of the sun's heat.

For passive ventilation, 4 tall telephone poles arraigned in a square with transparent plastic sheets forming a square chimney. Inside the chimney have sheets of black plastic forming an X between the poles. The sun's heat on the black plastic will cause an updraft that will draw cooler air into the square through the gaps between the staggered height tents. There should be a number of chimneys arraigned around the square to provide enough draft to handle the heat generated by the people in the square [10,000 people = 1-5 megawatts].

Water hoses can be strung between the tent poles with mist sprinklers spraying the people in the square.

The temperature may be 111F outside but it will be less than 90F under the shade of the tents.

Comment make personally identifiable info joint property (Score 1) 80

The easiest way to legally protect your personal info is to get congress to pass a law to make personally identifiable info joint property between the the person who is identified and the collector of the info.

Then, the holder of personal info will need your explicit consent in order to legally sell your info. You would need to voluntarily sell your ownership interest in the info to loose legal control of it. All of the normal property laws would take effect.

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