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Comment 6:05 on average (Score 1) 161

I'm in Orange County California.

For grades 1 – 5

7:45 AM – 2:05 PM (M, Tu, Th, F)

7:45 AM – 12:50 PM (Wed)

That short Wednesday is baffling. On the longer days mom and dad can maybe stagger their schedule so they can handle it if they've got flexible employers, but that 5-hour day just looks like a gift to the local after-school care programs.

Comment Re:*sighs* (Score 1) 333

Okay, so, you think overrepresenation is a bad thing, now?

Nope. I didn't say that.

What I was saying is madewithcode appears sexist. I don't know if you were deliberately conflating madewithcode and in order to strengthen your attack on the AC you responded to, but you asked someone to describe the sexism. I'd say the total exclusion of males on their site is prima facie a deliberate and sexist decision on their part.

If that's who they are, if they want to be in the business of supporting girls - and only girls, that's fine with me. But nobody should pretend to be surprised by an accusation of double standards

Comment Re:*sighs* (Score 5, Insightful) 333

I'd like you to explicitly describe the sexism you are imaging exists in madewithcode, because you guys almost never do any research before opening your defensive little mouths.

Huh? how is madewithcode NOT sexist? Hit and then hit all of the top-level links. Lots of pictures of people. Not one guy. MENTORS showcases 5 people, all girls. MAKERS showcases 5 people, all girls. COMMUNITY has one image of 4 people, all girls.

Maybe you just meant - in which case maybe you're right, but madewithcode is clearly designed for girls and only girls.

Comment Re:Waaah. (Score 1) 338

Actually, most of the Americans I know who don't care that much about coffee flavor seem to have moved on from "coffee pots" into the world of single-serving wasteful expensive options like K-cups, which are effectively an "electric kettle" combined with a pump. I feel like in the past few years, when I'm visiting someone, that's often the option I'm given for coffee -- either a French press (for coffee fanatics), or "you can choose whatever flavor you want because we have a Keurig." (I can understand the convenience, but the per-cup cost is insane -- it often comes out to greater than $50 per pound, often for pretty cheap crappy ground coffee.)

Maybe if you're buying then from Starbucks, but Costco sells them for about $0.38 each. Hard to figure the per-pound cost but it's nowhere near $50. Also by my reckoning, the "beans-per-cup" of the single-serving machines is way lower than a drip machine or french press; that's got to be worth something, if you're trying to be responsible in a global sense. The machine makes passable coffee. It's quick and efficient and rarely needs any attention besides an occasional descaling. Some people will turn up their noses at it, and yeah, I'd prefer to use a french press, but that's a luxury I don't ordinarily have time for.

Comment Fark already defies internet culture. (Score 5, Interesting) 748

A lot of things run counter to typical internet culture on Fark. You can't even curse on that site. It has moved away from porn. People actually pay for membership. They do IRL meetups almost every week somewhere in the world. They've been pretty successful at banning memes in the past.

I find it more witty than harsh.

Comment Re:Sure, but (Score 1) 519

There is a right to a quality education In CA's constitution. Also there must not be disparities between rich and poor, black and white, etc.

The lawsuit claimed that poor, minority students were disproportionately damaged by last-in first-out layoffs and early teacher tenure because newer teachers will take jobs in low income schools. So when they have to cut heads district-wide, poor schools get hit hardest. They can't lay off the worst teacher in the district, only the newest one.

The plaintiffs pounded home the message that ineffective teachers harm students, and ineffective teachers are prohibitively hard to dismiss due to 5 specific job-protections enshrined in CA law, and poor students are much more likely to be stuck with an ineffective teacher.

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