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Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 258

Forget Senator Sanders of Vermont, you won't even hear from him - the republicans were talking about buying another channel because FOX can no longer do the job alone, what better way than to turn MSNBC into FOX2.... kills two bird with one stone, get rid of those nasty liberal shows and get more right wing hate talk.

Comment Re:hey, it beats (Score 1) 545

Interesting concept : just yesterday the HD TIVO had a Pre-Release movie rental for $9.95 from Amazon. It's the first time I have seen a movie available for renting before it was released to the theaters. I usually don't rent that way, prefer Netflix but if it was a movie I really wanted to see and I could rent it two weeks before it hits the theaters, I may be will to pay $9.95, the costs of two movie tickets.

Comment Not piracy but Netflix and other competitors (Score 1) 395

Cable companies are losing revenue to Netflix as more and more people learn they can get more for less than $10.00 a month then they can get from the cable company premium channels that cost twice as much. They hide behind "piracy" but they are just using it for an excuse to impose usage taxes to offset the revenue they are losing from customers dropping their expensive premium channels, and if those taxes and caps keep some customers from taking advantage of unlimited streaming from Netflix, it is all the more profits for them. People need to wake up and realize this is NOT about piracy it is about monopoly power and protecting their bottom line.

Comment Re:Time to cancel Netflix if true. (Score 5, Interesting) 207

Oh well.. I tried to go legit, but time to fire up bittorrent again, I guess. They are just shooting themselves in the foot.

Any time we have trouble it usually is associated with our provider Comcast, not Netflix. However, with some of the streams from Netfilx the audio is out of sync or the picture quality isn't as good as it should be.

We use the HD Tivo and at times I feel almost guilty for all I get from Netflix, with the 2 at a time unlimited, my actual dvd cost has been about $.95 per dvd (4 dvds a week) and I watch more instant shows than I do from Comcast. I cut back to 1 at a time starting next month, we just can not keep watching 4 rentals a week with the weather getting nicer. Netflix makes it easy to switch between the various plans.

Netflix cured me of downloading movies, I don't get the latest screeners these days but do get anything Netflix has, and they do carry a large selection of classics that you can't find with bittorrent - the best part is there are no upload ratios and I don't have to worry about getting to 90% and having all the seeders bail out. Some rentals you need to wait in line, but if you keep plenty in your queue, the rentals will arrive on a regular basis.

I do keep seeding Ubuntu & Kubuntu, bittorent is still great for linux . There will always be people that will want everything for free, but so far Netflix has done more to curb illegal downloading than any other effort. More companies should follow the Netflix lead, rather than play the silly lawsuit game. On the other hand, Rhapsody was not a worthwhile cost for us, in theory it sounded great but, for us the reliability just was not there, after several months we dropped that subscription - they might have improved it since that time.

Comment Re:$65 per mbps is a bit expensive, assholes (Score 1) 369

Netflix is growing and the cable companies are concerned that too many of their customers will learn they can pay Netflix less than $10.00 a month and get more movies and tv streamed to their tv than the cable companies are willing to provide for twice that amount. The cable companies need to find a way to stop Netflix from stealing thier cutomers without actually saying they are after Netflix, as the FCC would not like it if the cable companies throttles back their competition in order to protect their own products.

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