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The Internet

Submission + - Fake Link Implies Thompson is a White Supremacist (

joedoc writes: "Ed Morrissey, who operates the politically-conservative blog Captain's Quarters, posts an entry describing a bit of slimy Internet redirection aimed at damaging potential presidential candidate Fred Thompson. Morrissey reports that a California lawyer set up a fake pro-Thompson link that, when clicked, took the viewer to a pro-Ku Klux Klan site. The fake link was close to an actual Thompson site URL, formatted in a way that is similar to other political candidates' sites in recent years.

Unfortunately, the link's creator wasn't bright enough to cover his tracks. Morrissey was easily able to track down the fake domain's owner, along with his address (which he posted), phone number (which he didn't) and evidence of political contributions. That the guy in question supports non-conservative causes should come as no surprise.

While some on the liberal side of the political spectrum might find this amusing, it says a lot about what depths some people will allow themselves to sink in order to push their agenda, or smear another's. No matter what road you take, this kind of thing is uncalled for. I assume that most politically-engaged people will see this for what it is, but what if this were directed at some ordinary person, perhaps as some sick joke? We all know that what goes out on the 'Net can stay there forever, whether we like it or not."

The Internet

Submission + - Internet Gambling in US May return

joedoc writes: "Not much about this on the wires yet, but Reuters is running a story that Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass) will introduce a bill on Thursday that will lift the current ban on Internet wagering on casino gaming sites. Internet gambling was banned last year when President Bush singed a bill outlawing the use of bank and credit card transactions to fund those activities. I generally support the conservative side of things, but the libertarian in me always believed this was an example of egregious nanny-state politics that never should have passed muster."

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