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Submission + - Discovery Suggests That "Virgin Births" May Be Common in the Wild (

An anonymous reader writes: Virgin births have been discovered in wild vertebrates for the first time, suggesting that reproducing without the need for a male may not be so rare in the animal kingdom.
Scientists found that two wild snake species: the copperhead snake and the pit viper snake can reproduce fertilization from a male in a process called facultative parthenogenesis, in which an unfertilized egg develops to maturity.
Experts noted that while asexual reproduction is common among invertebrates, or animals without backbones, birth via parthenogenesis rarely occurs in vertebrates, and have only been observed in vertebrates in captivity to females that have been kept away from males.

Submission + - Dotcom searches illegal (

An anonymous reader writes: A New Zealand High Court judge has ruled that search warrants used by police on Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom are illegal.

Submission + - Japan: Civilian deaths will be punished in Sleeping Dogs (

dotarray writes: As we know by now, different countries have different laws when it comes to video games. What's fine in some parts of the world is very not fine in others — and while that can often be amended by simply changing the colour of the liquid flowing from a now-dead opponent, other times it requires a little more attention to detail.

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