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Comment Re:Sounds like a culture problem to me... (Score 1) 245

>>It's unfortunately [wikipedia.org] a reality [wikipedia.org] of modern India that far-right [wikipedia.org] "Hindu nationalism >>[wikipedia.org]" is a common interpretation [wikipedia.org] of Hinduism.

Yes, so much so that within a year of an unprecedented attack on Mumbai by Muslim terrorists, BJP were rewarded by being consigned to obscurity in the general elections. A significant part of BJPs original voting block in the 90s was the growing middle class which saw them as being different from the socialist Congress Party. Since then even Congress has turned to free markets and BJP has been steadily losing it's vote share. Their best period was when they were led by a moderate in Vajpayee. And their rise to power was also aided by support of parties like TDP and DMK which are staunchly secular. Their record under the much more hawkish Advani has been pretty poor. So equating every BJP voter as a Hindu extremist and equating BJPs rise with a linear rise in Hindu nationalism is not accurate. Sure, they have a significant Hindu agenda and backing but except 1991, they fought most of the other elections on the development plank and not on issues like Babri or article 370.

Comment Re:Stealth eh? (Score 1) 611

The picture in the article is that of a SU-30 MKI and not the PAKFA. Sukhoi have not released the pictures of PAKFA yet. There are some artistic impressions floating around and they look kinda similar to F22. Tikhomirov design bureau has designed the AESA radar for PAKFA with 1500+ TR modules. It was showcased at MAKS 2009. That's pretty much the only piece of PAKFA which has been publicly displayed so far.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 2, Insightful) 453

I'll neither deny the existence of misogyny nor condone the usage of techniques like this in convicting some one with a crime, but to brand the entire judicial system of institutionalized bias based on the actions of one overzealous judge is wide of the mark and reeks of judgmental behaviour. This will not stand up in the high court or the supreme court. There have been instances where high court judges have rebuked the lower court judges for overzealous behaviour like this. The Indian legal system might be slow and often ineffective but that's largely due to incompetence of the police rather than the judiciary. To compare Indian judicial system to kangaroo courts is very very wide of the mark.

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