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Comment Re:No I would not. (Score 1) 610

So you don't carry a mobile phone, never use debit or creditcards, avoid areas with CC cameras... Otherwise, there's data that can be used to locate you (albeit with everything but the mobile phone with less than stellar granularity) everywhere already... Done properly (for example by encrypting with keys only known by the child device and the parent device), this won't expose any sensitive information to anyone but the right people (you, your spouse, an older sibling, a nanny/babysitter). Like any tool, it has its dangers, it has to be built properly, and used properly.

Comment Re:How do they know it's encrypted? (Score 1) 1155

Most likely because of reported internet activity. From TFA:

Oliver Drage, 19, of Liverpool, was arrested in May 2009 by police tackling child sexual exploitation.

This means most likely that his ISP, or some target website, caught him down/uploading unsavory things, and need data on his PC to convict him. He probably encrypted the whole disk, and gets a password prompt upon starting his PC, so that's how they know there's something to be decrypted.

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