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Comment Re:Honorable behavior, dignity, and self respect.. (Score 1) 347

wake up masher sounds like you've drinking a bit too much of that constitutional kool-aid all "democracies" have been screwing over their citizens from day 1. this just didn't happen under Obama's watch and blaming him is weak cop out.

here is a good example that Chomsky uses at

"So, for example, if you go back a century ago, right after the U.S. invasion of the Philippines — a brutal invasion that killed a couple hundred thousand people — there was a problem for the U.S. of pacification afterwards. What do you do to control the population to prevent another nationalist uprising? There’s a very good study of this by Alfred McCoy, a Philippines scholar at University of Wisconsin, and what he shows is that the U.S. used the most sophisticated technology of the day to develop a massive system of survelliance, control, disruption to undermine any potential opposition and to impose very tight controls on the population which lasted for a long time and in many ways the Philippines is still suffering from this. But he also points out the technology was immediately transferred home. Woodrow Wilson’s administration used it in their “Red Scare” a couple years later. The British used it, too."

pick any period in history and these power hungry cunts have always been trying to stay in power no matter what. I haven't got any answers just know that what we call democracy is not working because it always allows the people in power to get away with shit.

XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft's Xbox 360 to Run Linux Soon?

An anonymous reader writes: In a very short presentation during the Lightning Talks at the 23rd Chaos Communication Congress in Germany an anonymous masked 'hacker' showed what could be an exploit in Microsoft's new console that will allow to boot Linux or other unsigned code. After booting and loading a game of King Kong the Xbox 360 displayed a logo of Xbox360, Tux and the old MacOS with the words "coming soon...". His retail 'Core' Xbox360 unit has a small custom PCB hanging out of the case and he's using a Apple Macbook pro to proceed with his hack. Discussions on community sites suggest he might have found an exploit in the vector shaders of King Kong which aren't signed or checked for validity by the Xbox 360.

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