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Comment Ancient process (sort of) (Score 2) 126

This process is not completely new. A process related (or actually this one) was used by the ancient romans to produce a type of concrete that severely outlasts current commercially available concrete. That recipe was thought lost, but recently someone managed to replicate it. It used see water, high quantities of carbon and volcanic rock/ash. It is good that new uses have been found for the process or to similar processes.

Comment Re:didn't this happen in 2014? (Score 1) 130

It's not an anti-Microsoft soundbite. Actually, some time ago, when the news came out about Microsoft starting the collaboration with Xamarin and the Mono team, a lot of people warned about this and used that exact expression. I was one of those who defedend Microsoft. But now, the pattern is emerging. So no, it's not an 1990 stupid anti-Microsoft soundbite, it's a reasonable expectations since the company, still today keeps applying the same tactics.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 64

My point was, it does not affect only those who are trying to connect. It affected those who were connected as well, as I leave my computer and skype always on. The summary says that if you were connected, you won't be able to see or change the status but that the messages to individual users would pass. Which is untrue/impossible to test, because every machine I had access to that had skype connected all night long lost connection to skype and any attempt to send messages directly user to user has failed.

And your envy related jokes about the girlfriend were totally unnecessary. You probably still get to point out that you are a poor little thing do not have a girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/octopuss/whatever somewhere.

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