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Comment Re: Tired of sellers begging for positive feedback (Score 1) 205

Agreed. I'm getting sick and tired of being emailed and even called about feedback, even positive feedback with mildly critical comments, and I've told Amazon so repeatedly. While each vendor stops calling after I advise Amazon, new vendors do it with abandon so the cycle continues. Amazon doesn't really seem to care, and as somebody who orders about half his non-food items on Amazon for time reasons, I've come to expect better support than they currently provide. It used to be excellent.

Comment Re: Bad input (Score 1) 170

I was a roughly day-one purchaser of the iPad, and I have to respectfully disagree, aside from flash issues and some occasional issues with forms, even the original iPad handled websites fairly well in desktop formats. It was one of the reasons I ended up with an iPad BEFORE a smartphone. It was very rare that I could not easily view, navigate, and enter data into a website. About the only major frustration was that for some forms and buttons the lack of a tab or arrow key was problematic in a touch environment until, as you note, websites adapted. I actually run into more trouble now when website try to be mobile friendly than when they are desktop sites, since Safari actually handles desktop sites more gracefully on the larger iPad screen.

Comment Just unplug it. (Score 1) 507

It's hard to find a television with the same features (as a television alone) when comparing "smart" televisions with non-smart models, and the boot times have improved, along with the price difference. My solution is to just simply not allow it to not plugging it in. Problem solved.

Comment Re:Should do that in more countries (Score 1) 242

Walmart behaves the way it does not only because of the profits, but because they know the next retailer killer is waiting in the wings, whether it is an expansion of another growing chain (Dollar General has expanded massively during the recession) or a change in technology. Walmart didn't single-handedly kill the mom-and-pop store. Earlier big-boxes played a role (K-Mart, Sears*, etc...) and Walmart (along with the Internet) helped kill them. *Sears is a funny story because had they held out on their catalog sales another few years and put it on the Internet they'd probably have become Amazon.

Comment Re:How (Score 1) 106

I once bought a book off Amazon on Don Cheadle as part of a joke for my sister that was also just a Wikipedia dump. Since it was a gag gift and hadn't been reviewed yet, plus it was very cheap, I didn't get *too* mad. But frankly, with stuff like the article above, my own interactions with third-party retailers, etc..., I'm starting to think Amazon isn't doing enough policing. It is sort of like eBay back in the bad old days. Not saying eBay is safer than Amazon, just better than eBay of a specific timeframe.

Comment Re:Get rid of the side mirrors (Score 1) 123

My only concern would be if that would be distracting at night. I find navigation screens, needless color radio LCDs that aren't navigation systems, and GPS units to be distracting at night despite the night modes due to the backlight hindering my night vision. A full car width display would surely put off even more light. Although it could be in IR, which would have some balancing safety features I guess.

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