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Comment Re:Amazingly ... (Score 1) 634

Most of the comments here are completely ignorant and referring to Fortran from the 70s and 80s. Modern Fortran is by far and away the best language for most high performance computing. Arrays and Matrices are first class objects in the language so the compiler has much more information to go on and debugging is much easier as bounds can be properly checked. c is a great language for many applications but for most HPC nothing comes close to Fortran.

Comment Re:Thank you for not singing (Score 1) 313

Pretty much all of the above. Becuase it has multi-dimensional arrays in the language it makes programming much easier and debugging easier as array bounds can be easily checked. It also makes it much easier for the compiler to optimise code and also variable aliasing does not occur. Memory mangement also avoids many problems while being very efficient. The biggest win is that almost everything can be done without pointers and pointer arithmetic which avoids many errors and again greatly improves the compilers ability to optimize

Comment Re:Where does extra energy go? (Score 1) 162

It's a fundemental violation of the laws of physics. Mass-energy can neither be created or destroyed. Nothing can "disappear" it can change state and move at the speed of light at best. Even the interactions of quantum mechanics and general relativity, e.g. Hawking radiation, conserve mass-energy and involve propogation of nothing faster than the speed of light. Quantum teleportation is no different.

Comment Re:Where does extra energy go? (Score 1) 162

Of course he didn't speculate on impossible events. It is well known in philosophy that if you assume a counterfactual, i.e. something impossible like the earth ceasing to exist, you can prove anything including things which are false. If the earth ceased to exist as matter, e.g. some unknown physcical processes converted it to photons", then they would still result in the same gravitational potential field since teh source of gravity is mass-energy not just mass in general relativity. There is a deeper question of energy conservation in general relativity due to the self-energy of the gravitational field itself, a completely different matter than gravitational potential energy which is the energy of objects in the field, which is poorly understood and does not appear to be conserved though this is controversial

Auto Incorrect 86

theodp writes "Combine smartphone auto correction and fat-fingered virtual keyboard typing, writes Rob Walker, and the results can be hilarious and even shocking. The website Damn You, Autocorrect collects the awesomely embarrassing text messages that you never meant to send. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to masturbate some chicken for bisexuals night!"

Embedded Linux 1-Second Cold Boot To QT 141

An anonymous reader writes "The blog post shows an embedded device cold booting Linux to a QT application all in just one second. This post also includes a link which describes what modifications were made to achieve this."

Single-Player Game Model 'Finished,' Says EA Exec 439

Frank Gibeau, label president for EA Games, recently spoke with Develop about the publisher's long term development strategy. Gibeau thinks developing major games without multiplayer modes is a passing fad: "’s not only about multiplayer, it’s about being connected. I firmly believe that the way the products we have are going, they need to be connected online. ... I volunteer you to speak to EA’s studio heads; they’ll tell you the same thing. They’re very comfortable moving the discussion towards how we make connected gameplay – be it co-operative or multiplayer or online services – as opposed to fire-and-forget, packaged goods only, single-player, 25-hours-and you’re out. I think that model is finished. Online is where the innovation and the action [are] at."

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