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Submission + - Leopard firewall functionality and holes (

jmt(tm) writes: "The uk version of German it news site heise runs a follow up of earlier stories on problems with the firewall in Apple's new version of OS X. They take a look at Apple's own documentation, now available at the Mac OS X 10.5: About the Application Firewall page. Their verdict is clear: "Alltogether this confirms the impression created by the initial functionality test. In its current version, this firewall cannot be recommended for practical use.""

Submission + - Flickr started censoring content

jmt(tm) writes: "German news site heise reports (German): It looks like Flickr has started censoring content for user from Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea with the introduction of localized sites. It seems that pictures marked as moderate or restricted cannot be accessed anymore. There are ongoing discussions at Flickr. Have verified the issue myself with a German Yahoo! account."

Submission + - GPL v3 Release Timetable Set

mrbluze writes: " has an article by Bruce Byfield regarding the timeline for the GPLv3 drafting and release. Despite many delays it now appears that the Free Software Foundation has a plan for the coming months and expects the third draft GPLv3 to be released on "Wednesday, March 27" (although that date is really last Tuesday .. are we talking about 2007?), with a final draft 60 days later. The FSF will be having a telephone hot-line available to answer questions and, according to the article, they seem to be quite open to comment and debate on what should go into the license. One could expect GPLv3 to be released sometime in June/July this year."
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Submission + - Nano Scale Artworks

Matthew Sparkes writes: "This article is a list of the best nano-scale artworks. It includes a 15 micron wide badger, a ten micron long guitar (which was actually played) and a 120 micron long New Scientist logo. Of course these are the images that got released to the press. In labs around the world people must have used their bleeding-edge technologies to make structures just to impress their friends. I wonder how many scientists' significant others have received nano-Valentines on Feb 14th?"

Submission + - Micosoft dossier on journalist leaks

Ludvig A. Norin writes: "Wired journalist Fred Vogelstein blogs about how he accidently got hold of a dossier on himself produced by Microsoft's PR firm, Waggener Edstrom. While it's not unusual for PR people to create background files on journalists, it's notable that this one leaked, and got commented by Waggener Edstrom's Frank Shaw and Wired Magazine editor in chief Chris Anderson. Makes for an interesting read — there's lots to learn from the inner workings of the Microsoft PR machinery."

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