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Comment Re:It's all in the waist to hip ratio. (Score 1) 347

Scientists have done surveys of people all over the world

You mean like independent neutral Swiss scientists?

When it comes to differences/preferences between/among the sexes you'll see the most ludicrous results and theories, and more often than not are they plain wrong if you look at their data.

They are however extremely popular amongst the tabloids since it allows (mostly) men to see how much better they are, and they can even back up their claims with "scientific studies", which we all know can't be questioned.

Comment Re:Uh, what about newspapers? (Score 1) 238

Yeah, and you know the name of the journalist.

While true you journalists are allowed to not give out their sources in most cases, the difference here is that with a blog you can write yourself and don't have to go through a news paper who may, or may not, put their spin on it.

Of course this is great news for classical media.

Comment Re:Childish (Score 1) 550

Obama has made several statements that lead many of us to believe that he's not quite sure WTF he's doing. Nobody is perfect, but this 180 degree shift doesn't make sense unless he is just pushing the program underground or plying for political favor somewhere. Neither of those options speak well of him, and neither explanation bodes well for the security and safety of the citizens of the USA.

Unless you believe that the fact that USA wants to have weapon everywhere and power over all is one of the reason it's so hated. Maybe, just maybe if we stopped being asshats and pick sides (the side that will in one way or another profit us) in every conflict we wouldn't need all those weapons? We could start being a nation among many, and like the rest of the world use UN.

I guess this is a strange view for someone like you but there are many countries in the world who safeguard "freedom" and yet not see the need to arm space and have enough nukes to blow the world up.

I think a nice start would be to start checking if our previous leadership shouldn't be tried in Haag or similar, the attack on Iraq (and partially Afghanistan) where clearly unprovoked attacks on independent nations which breeches international law.

I don't see that happening but as an alternative, not trying to piss off more people by building more weapons (of mass destruction) would be nice.

Comment Re:Mystery Pits (Score 1) 552

So you're claiming waste is treated in accordance with all out knowledge today? If so why is south Italy more or less a dump, why is so much waste "sold" to various countries in Africa (and to China)? Container ships cleaning tanks straight into the sea? Why do we still kill off huge masses of land for mining and storage of uranium?

All those things (and many more) are just tales?

And don't come saying "It's them third world countries..." it's companies and governments in Europe and USA doing it either actively or supporting it by paying for it.

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