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Hardware Hacking

Journal Journal: More cooling devices reviewed: fans, cpu and videocards

I'm hacking away at hardware all week long, be it motherboards, cpu or graphics cards. For the past months I've been focusing on PC cooling devices; How about 100+ heatsinks for CPU - 17x 120mm fans and recently I'm testing 7 different video card coolers. It's a very time consuming process, many hours spend to get a few results in, but even if it can help 1 person to make an informed buying decision I'm happy :)

Journal Journal: Pentium 4 Heatsinks roundup

Working on an extensive Pentium 4 heatsink roundup, swapping the default Intel cooler with a wide colletion of solutions from Thermalright, CoolerMaster, Swiftech, Aerocool, Evercool, Scythe, Alpha and more; silent air-cooling to the max my friends! Really interestng for those who want a very silent PC.

Once the review is done (2 weeks) I'll try to get it posted here for all readers to see, don't know if they will accept it.

Once the P4 side is done I'm switching to an Athlon64 platform with a whole other bunch of coolers; soo much to do,soo little time:)

Journal Journal: Madshrimps

I have been submitting some articles from my main site for the past 6-9 months, and was presently surprised to find some were accepted for posting, thank your Slashdot!

The AMD Overclocking guide link provided us with a lot of users who came by asking for guidance, as well as providing us with more useful info! Always good to tap these international resources!

Too bad our current server can't handle the load yet of a slashdotting, but we're working on it ;)

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