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Comment Re:I'm one of those engineers... (Score 2) 341

Yep, it's really hard. That's why you develop a system that doesn't need to detect 100% of the lane markings. If you can optically detect 30-40% of them, and add that data to lidar mapped concrete patterns, medians, satellite imagery, gps, and other data sources, the software can accurately construct the proper path to follow. It's like a circle, you don't need to see the whole thing to draw a copy, you only need three points from it.

Comment But you do need it (Score 1) 307

What you don't need is a PC. The majority of PC users don't do anything with their PC/laptop that can't be done with a tablet, and the experience on the tablet blows away the experience on a PC. Saying you don't need a tablet is like saying you don't need a cell phone 'cause your land line works just fine.

Comment Re:Resolution (Score 1) 316

It's because they're not going after the tablet market, they're going after the laptop market. In the demo, they were comparing it to the MacBook Air, not the iPad. We're doing a product evaluation of the Surface Pro 2 at work, and the biggest complaints are that the screens too small and it's too heavy. they fixed both of these thing with the 3. This will sell ridiculously well in the enterprise.

Comment Re:Wow, the Republicans... (Score 1) 194

It was meant more as a validation of your comment. Neither party's constituents are what the media (or other side) portrays them as. Many of the wealthiest, business owning Americans are Democrats. 8 of the 10 poorest counties in the US (the 'entitlements' voters) went to Romney. As a radical moderate, I find irony in either of the stereotypes.

Comment Re:scalability (Score 1) 137

In Denver, Mile High Organics, Door to Door Organics, Walmart to Go, The Organic Dish, Growers Organics, and a few others all offer a large variety of organic and local produce and packaged/prepared foods delivered directly to your home. Since your question was when, the answer is a few years ago.

Comment Re:Seriously?! (Score 1) 255

If you did, you should have patented it, 'cause you were way ahead of your time. The only other product doing anything like this in 2000 was Microsoft's new OWA client, which had just implemented XMLHTTPRequest to dynamically update content from the internet. This patent is a bit ahead of that in that it was being applied to display content from multiple sources, rather than just Exchange.

Comment Re:metric? (Score 1) 237

At 0 degrees Fahrenheit, to the human body, it becomes frickin' cold out.
At 100 degrees Fahrenheit, to the human body, it becomes frickin' hot out.

Why would humans care whether water is freezing? I have no emotion towards how water feels. When I go outside, I'm more concerned with whether I'm going to be freezing, and at 32F, it's only mildly chilly out.

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