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Comment What of XBLA? (Score 1) 197

I haven't seen any posts about the Xbox arcade or w/e it's called. The 360s and PS3s are not just about AAA titles, there is, afaik, quite a lot of smaller indie games available for both platforms and for PCs. While a lot of Apple's gaming success has come from these micro indie games, they're not the only platform for inexpensive casual games. I think it would be a lot harder than many of the commenters seem to think to claim dominence in the console market, focussed on a niche market that already exists and, from what I can gather, is thriving

Comment Re:Its not the speed that is the problem. (Score 1) 1026

You're going to have that problem anyway with your deficit. Once the train is purchased, and that debt sold at the currently low interest rate, you're good for the length of the bond (let's say 10 years). If the returns on this project are higher than the interest charges, it'd be silly not to build it, and throw the savings at any increased servicing charge you have in the future and at the rest of your debt. Also most American oil comes from NAFTA petro dictators shouldn't really figure into the discussion, not unless this project is somehow able to lower European oil usage

Comment Re:Answers. (Score 1) 705

Without government regulations Canada wouldn't even have had 3rd party ISPs, and UBB would have been implemented long ago. The CRTC largely matched 3rd party DSL policy with 3rd party cable policy which was quite unregulated. The government forced a low price on Bell for 3rd party internet and are now largely retracting it. Regulation is what enabled something of a free marketplace (at least to the consumer) up until now.

Comment Re:Facebook pages for roles, not people? (Score 1) 155

There are a lot of places that still have Elizabeth as the queen. I think most have just not got around to getting rid of the colonial ties. Why on earth does Canada still have a governer general?

Because it's a perfectly functioning constitutional democracy and changing that constitution will be far, far too difficult. Plus many Canadians wish to keep the Monarchy. I certainly do. It's not like the US is getting rid of its President just because white wigs are no longer in fashion, or some other superfluous reason.

Comment Re:Population impact? (Score 5, Informative) 100

I wonder if anyone has taken into account the population growth question that results and what the impact on poor regions like Africa that suffer most of the deaths?

.... this has the potential to equal millions more people if even a relatively small portion (25%?) go on to produce a family with 4-6 offspring.

It's been repeatedly shown that improved life expectancy and a higher standard of living lowers population growth. If you know your first two children will live relatively healthy and prosperous lives, there is a diminishing incentive to continue to produce children. The less you are sure your kids will live, the more you'd want to make some replacements just in case.

Comment Imperfection (Score 1) 2

I suppose an important step in transitioning the US to the metric system is first ensuring that there is some aspect of the system which is imperfect. Surely metric has failed to catch on in part because it is not ridiculous enough for Americans (scientists notwithstanding)

Submission + - Amazon's New Kindle Shows E Ink Progress 1

adeelarshad82 writes: If Tuesday's launch of the new Kindle says anything about Amazon, it's that they want to continue focusing on reading. According to a hands-on, the device is very similar to previous versions, but better in several important ways. The most significant change in the new Kindle is the size, the device is 21 percent smaller than the previous version, making it much easier to slip into a coat pocket. The best part about this is that the screen size was not compromised and remains at six-inches. Moreover, the new Kindle is 15% lighter, weighing in at At 8.7 ounces. Answering to the previous complains, Amazon has upped the contrast by 50% — hence making it a little less grey. From the software perspective, version 3.0 provides improved font handling and faster page turns. The company developed two new, proprietary text handling technologies called the Waveform and Font Hinting. There is a slight improvement in the Wi-Fi features aswell, logging into a network pretty straightforward and downloading books is quicker. Browsing on the other hand is still experimental

Comment Try for Perks (Score 1) 5

Though I've never been in this position, I found the suggestions on informative. If you don't want to leave your job, some better perks might be a good starting point. Of course you could get your employer to hire a coop code monkey to do some of this stuff if they're looking for cheap labour.

Comment Re:No, too much manufacturing shipped overseas. (Score 1) 1138

I think it would be interesting to know what you think the NA in NAFTA stands for! America succeeded from the 1900s to the post-war era with a mix of low wages to immigrants and high levels of innovation. Not to mention a whole heck of a lot of natural resources which most countries severely lack. What other country has been able to exploit such a fertile and large landmass in such a good climate. If only Canada or Russia had that amount of sun and warmth

Comment Re:Comparisons??? (Score 1, Interesting) 323

Canadian Music is actually pretty wonderful. The only problem with Canadian music is that the bad acts make it big for some reason (like nickelback, avril etc etc) while really solid acts like Feist, Broken Social Scene, The Stills, Crystal Castles (it's easy to continue) have difficulty making it mainstream. I like all these bands so its hard for me to see how people couldn't, but give Radio 2 a listen, they're doing great things to promote the Canadian music scene (when they're not playing classical) tl;dr: Canadian music is awesome, but bad is popular and good is still indie

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