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Comment Pushing me away (Score 0) 400

I've used Firefox for a long time now but it seems like Mozilla is doing everything it can to drive me to another browser. Ads, Yahoo/Bing, playing politics with their CEOs, these things annoy me. I've fought against moving to Chrome but it's getting harder and harder to avoid the switch.

Comment Re:Informative, Entertaining, and Well Written Vid (Score 1) 1262

Wait.. are you talking about Anita Sarkeesian getting defensive about a video game she didn't develop or take any part in? Or, are you referencing some other person or instance that you forgot to include in your comment?

I'm writing about anyone who gets so defensive that they make death threats, you know, the topic of this thread.

Comment Re:Informative, Entertaining, and Well Written Vid (Score 1) 1262

Anyone who values freedom will fight her (and you) to the death.

Ahh, so because I didn't disagree with her and think that there are indeed flaws in the way women are depicted, I deserve to die too? Do you even have a clue as to how childish and overly dramatic you appear with comments like that?

Comment Informative, Entertaining, and Well Written Videos (Score 4, Insightful) 1262

I found her Youtube channel about a month ago and watched a number of her videos. They were informative, entertaining, and well written. I didn't see anything that I disagreed with and thought she was spot on in many cases. It is ridiculous that she has to suffer abuse for just stating the obvious, that there flaws with the way women are depicted in media and video games.

Anyone who gets so defensive about a video game they didn't develop or take any part in really needs to re-evaluate their mental health.

Comment Re:Hilarity (Score 2) 434

Wrong on number two. Valve did not tell its Steam users about this intrusion. They did not send out any emails or Steam IMs to their members, they didn't mention this on the Steam news page, and in fact they didn't mention it anywhere on Steam at all. The only place this intrusion is mentioned is on the forum. They're happy as punch to tell me through Steam that I can buy freaking Wallace and Gromit for 66% off but they don't inform me that all that my personal information has been compromised? That is shameful.

Comment The Man Behind the Legend (Score 1) 373

I really enjoyed reading his message.

I have been familiar with the free software movement and have heard about RMS for a long time but I never really knew much about the man himself. I mean we all know about his work and his ideology but what is the guy really like?

I think this email gives us a good peek into who RMS is as a person. I think it really shows him in a good light as a genuine, generous, and down to earth guy who really believes in his cause. I respect and like him more after having read this email.

Comment Re:Sprint Cost Saving Cuts and Fees (Score 1) 325

They have never mentioned 5-7 years of WiMax support. The equipment will be replaced by the end of 2013.

Check out this article about their recent press conference. Take note of the pics at 9:58 showing the new sites. The pic at 9:59 shows that the new multimode antennas do not support WiMax.

Sprint does mention supporting WiMax by continuing to sell WiMax phones through 2012. At 10:24 the pic seems to show that there will be support for current WiMax coverage during 2013 but that seems unlikely if their new multimode antennas will not support WiMax.

This also shows that WiMax will not be expanded beyond its current coverage, therefore the vast majority of customers with a 4g WiMax phone will not be supported at all.

I'm no expert on these technical details and it's possible I have interpreted these pics incorrectly. Perhaps someone here might be able to explain more.

Comment Sprint Cost Saving Cuts and Fees (Score 5, Informative) 325

Sprint has been cutting back on features and raising fees for a while now. It's getting out of hand. They're probably doing it all in an effort to make up for the $28B they paid Apple to sell the iPhone. Here is a list of some of the changes.

* Removal of the Sprint Premiere Membership Program and the removal of all its benefits
* Using your phone as a Mobile Hotspot no longer has unlimited data but is now capped. It still costs the same $30.
* Adding a $10 a month 4g charge to every 4g line on an account regardless of whether you get 4g reception or not. This charge was then expanded to include all smartphones on the Sprint network, even if they weren’t capable of 4g.
* No more Billing to Account.
* An increase in administrative fees per line.
* Raising the Early Termination Fee on an account by $150 to $350 for each phone line.
* Changing the arbitration rules for settling customer disputes in a way that heavily favors Sprint.
* Stopping people from leaving Sprint because of the arbitration changes without being charged the ETF, even though Federal Courts have ruled that changes in arbitration rules are a material change in the contract.
* Eliminating unlimited 4g data from it’s Mobile Broadband plans.
* Dropping WIMAX for their new LTE 4g network. This not only means that if you do not have 4g currently, you will never have it for your current 4g phone but also that all Sprint 4g phones being sold today, even if you are within a current 4g area, will stop operating as 4g at the end of next year because they will not work on Sprint’s new network.

Sprint sucks.

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