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Comment Independent Smartwatches (Score 1) 117

I don't see the point of a smartwatch that requires you to carry your phone around all the time. If a smartwatch could operate independently then I think it would be much more useful. While I don't think a watch would need 4G service, the addition of free 3G, like Amazon has for the Kindle, would be a game changer.

Comment Pushing me away (Score 0) 400

I've used Firefox for a long time now but it seems like Mozilla is doing everything it can to drive me to another browser. Ads, Yahoo/Bing, playing politics with their CEOs, these things annoy me. I've fought against moving to Chrome but it's getting harder and harder to avoid the switch.

Comment Re:Informative, Entertaining, and Well Written Vid (Score 1) 1262

Wait.. are you talking about Anita Sarkeesian getting defensive about a video game she didn't develop or take any part in? Or, are you referencing some other person or instance that you forgot to include in your comment?

I'm writing about anyone who gets so defensive that they make death threats, you know, the topic of this thread.

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