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Comment Re:If this is the new /. (Score 1) 227

I agree that technology has a very political side to it. My point is not to avoid political issues. My point is that /. is going down a road I wish not to drive on.

And yes I am a very political person. And what makes you think I don't understand the political ramifications of technological developments. Have I put my head in the sand .. or did you just assume that?

The responses to my post tell me that responders make a lot of assumptions about posters. And they are not always accurate.

Comment If this is the new /. (Score 5, Interesting) 227

After many years of reading Slashdot it is time to move on.

I am a very political person but for the most part I came here for non-political news. Just the straight up NASA did this... nVidia did that... Silicon Graphics is bought by Rackable Systems etc etc.

The comments on Slashdot are so much more inflamatory than before. A sign that Slashdot has run its course.

Comment Re:Here we go again... (Score 3, Insightful) 106

In western societies accusations of sexual misconduct is enough to destroy just about anyone or any organization. Not so much here in Asia.

Just about anyone who is to be 'taken down' in western societies seems to be done by sexual impropriety. JFK, MLK both had allegations of misconduct. Strauss-Kahn is another prime example. Sex enters every story that is meant to destroy anyone. Guilty or not.

When I was involved with OccupyLA a few sexual misconducts came up to discredit people. Same same.

Whether the accusations are true or not, makes no difference. If the story sticks... someone is finished.

Comment Same Same Thailand (Score 4, Interesting) 397

Thai Immigration is beginning to request the same information of foreigners entering or staying in the country. Thailand is under military junta at the moment.

I am living in Thailand on a Non - Immigrant retirement visa and had thought I might leave, in part, due to this invasion of privacy. But I see the US junta has the same aspirations.

Comment Ironic really as Huawei is the problem (Score 1) 97

The company that does not update its OS to today's standards complains when Google gives them a little shit.

I own a Huawei Ascend P7 L-10. Once a flagship phone 2 years ago... it is still running Android 4.4.2. Never an update.

A week before Google came out scolding cell manufactures for not updating the OSs shipped with their phones I bought a Google Nexus 5x. I'm not defending Google. But Huawei has dropped the ball like many manufacturers.

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