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Comment Great, but is it a la carte? (Score 1) 21

Until someone can let me select from a list of available channels for $1-$5 (each) a month (think CW to HBO), maybe with a minimum $25 dollar a month charge, this is all just a variant of what is already available. Also, let me watch a marathon of movies that I want no matter how old/new - "Casablanca", "The Thing", "Real Genius", and "Serenity" - for a $1 - $2 each. When someone has that type of service available things will get interesting.

Comment Re:alternate email address (Score 2) 108

I have my own domain and any email address that does not have a dedicated mailbox gets sent to the admin 'catch-all' mailbox. If I sign up for something anything that wants an email address I usually use businessname@mydomain.com for the address. I get a lot of funny looks when I feed back an email address with their name in it (even had a few people accuse me of attempting to hack their system by doing this!). I just let my email reader filter things to different folders based on the incoming email address. If I see a bunch of spam in one I can send it right back to the business and tell them why I am now blocking their email. I used to do the same thing with my snail mail by modifying the spelling of my street name. If I started getting junk mail to that version, I would take out all the personal info, jam the rest into their pre-paid envelopes and send it back to them.

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