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Comment Only free streaming. (Score 1) 316

I do not pay for streaming, I will not pay for XM, and I will not pay for digital files.

If I am looking for a one-off song listen, I go to YouTube, or SoundCloud. If I want to listen to a random playlist that I like, I go to my local Alternative Rock FM radio station. They also stream. They also break in for local weather and local emergencies. If I get tired of my local Alt station, then I can also stream KRBZ out of Kansas City, or KNDD from Seattle.... all for free. (Yes, Advertising supported)

If I am going to PAY for music, then it will be a LIVE show, or on physical media - preferably vinyl LP records, but I do collect CDs as well.

If I am not around an area with a good radio station, then I use Folder Player on my phone to play my own collection that I have recorded from my vinyl & CDs.

Comment Re:A combination of the above (Score 1) 229

Interesting reading. Thanks. So far, I have been lucky. I did have one drive fail last year, and the system rebuilt just fine when I plugged in the new drive. It took over 18 hours, but it worked. BTW, my system is a smaller one, using 4x 1TB drives.

I'll keep plugging along, and keep my off-site backup drive fresh.


Comment A combination of the above (Score 2) 229

My files are stored on a Buffalo LinkStation NAS box in RAID-5 mode at my house. My super-important archived files are backed up onto a removable hard drive which I keep at my office, disconnected. My super-important daily-use files are on a flash drive in my pocket, which I back up to the Buffalo box nightly.

Comment Does it blend? (Score 1) 403

The only videos I want to see on slashdot involve high-powered kitchen appliances in battlebot wars with small tech gadgets. ...and ONLY when I click on them, no autoplays.
Any other videos that automatically make any noise are not welcome, as someone else here at work might think I am not... you know... working.

Comment Let the machine pick up... (Score 2) 172

I let my old-fashioned answering machine pick up the call. (Yes, I still have a "Land-Line").

My outgoing message is: "(Bee boop BEEP) We're sorry, the number you have called has been disconnected, or is no longer in service... BEEP"

My friends all know to leave a message after the tone. Telespammers drop it to the dead-line list.

Comment Re:land of the the free ? (Score 2, Interesting) 563

Most of the anti gun crowd, has never seen or held a gun in their lives.

And are happy to keep it that way.

Disclaimer: I live in urban Europe, not rural US.

And there is part of the problem. We out here in Rural USA do not like the liberal idiots in urban USA, or any of Europe who think they know what is best for us. We tired of their stupid "One Size Fits All" laws that may be great in the big city, but suck for us in the country. For instance, a .222 high-power rifle with a 20 round magazine might be an "assault weapon" in New York, and totally not needed there... BUT our here in rural Nebraska, if I am working with cattle out in the pasture, and a mountain lion comes charging, then YES I DO NEED to have this tool, with a lot of high powered rounds available to shoot quickly. City idiots do not understand that this is NOT a cute little kitty kitty, it is a killing muscle machine that thinks I am its next lunch. How about a rattle snake? Am I supposed to walk up and grab it? ..throw it off to the side? That only happens in the movies. A 12-guage shotgun is the better tool for that job. What about in rural Wyoming, where one might encounter a wild bear? These are NOT cuddly teddy bears. Maybe I should just ask it to be friends, like some of my college educated idiot friends might suggest.

Guns are just tools, and like any tool, can be deadly if misused. I can kill you very quickly with a #2 Phillips screwdriver, or a ball-peen hammer, but I won't, because I respect, and do not misuse my tools.

We are also tired of city idiots referring to all of us as bible thumping toothless redneck uneducated hillbillies. That is exactly why I refer to all of them as big city liberal idiots. Education does NOT equal intelligence, and in many cases, is inversely proportional. Keep your "great ideas" to yourself. Your shitty ideas do not apply to all areas of this country, or this world. If people in the big city use ARs to kill people, then that is a big city problem, not my problem. Fix it in the city, we don't need or want your advice out here... and no, we do NOT want to be more like Europe. If you USA big city liberal idiots think Europe is so great, then pick a country in Europe, and move there. I'm tired of paying so much in taxes to support your sorry entitled ass.

btw, I don't support or believe in ANYONE'S brand of sky fairy, I do have an advanced education, and I have all my teeth. Go huskers!

Comment Re:Unsettling science (Score 1) 180

Actually, some fan of the show Frazier snuck her way onto the set and ended up being prosecuted for crimes against Kelsey Grammar.

...and now we're back on the topic of cholesterol.

Hey baby, I hear the blues a-callin',
Tossed salad and scrambled eggs
And maybe I seem a bit confused,
Yeah maybe, but I got you pegged!
Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!
But I don't know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs.
They're callin' again.

Comment Carver M-400t (Score 1) 266

The Carver M-400t with "Tube Transport Technology", conservatively rated at 201 Watts per Channel at 8 Ohms, was the best sounding of any of the Carver cubes.

Yes, I own one. Yes, I bought it back when it was new. No, I don't use $50 per foot gold plated speaker wire. 16AWG copper zip-cord is fine.

Comment Vic Firth 5Bs on a Yamaha (Score 1) 698

Oh Crap!! The cops just shot the Jazz band drummer!!

Cop: Well, the gunshot detector for this room was going off, and this kid was in here swinging sticks violently in the air... I thought they were nun-chucks, so I had to protect my fellow officers.

Yes, a good rim-shot hit on a short Yamaha snare drum is just as loud as a Ruger .22-LR. Don't put these stupid sensors in the band room. In fact, just scrap this whole idea before it goes anywhere. It won't work.

Comment Get a Radio (Score 4, Insightful) 40

People are foolish to rely on a mobile phone for anything during a disaster or wide-area emergency.

If you want reliable information in those times, get a battery powered AM radio, and tune to your local station.

Forget about the FM music stations, they are all automated, and will just keep on playing "more music per hour than..." No one is there.

Your locally owned, small-market, analog AM station will have someone there giving you needed information.

Radios are still available starting at around $10. More expensive models also have the VHF NOAA weather band - a big plus, as in many states, the weather service radio stations are also authorized to provide emergency information, weather related or not.

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