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Comment Re: This won't end badly.. (Score 1) 191

Cool, now ISP's can be sued for copyright violations through their pipes!

Net neutrality has nothing to do with this issue, and FCC Commissioners can't change it anyway. But thanks for the red herring.

The law you're referring to is the Safe Harbor provision of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. It's a law that was passed by Congress (with bipartisan support) and then signed into law by the President. Because Safe Harbor is part of a law, the only way for Trump to get rid of Safe Harbor is to get majorities in Congress to pass a second law repealing it. The FCC has nothing to do with this process.

Net Neutrality, on the other hand, was passed through the FCC's Open Internet Order. (It was passed 3-2, with the Democrats voting for it and the Republicans voting against it. Of note, nobody except the current chairman ACTUALLY READ the final order before voting on it because he distributed a "final draft" and then met with Google and had Google's changes inserted on the day of the vote.) Rescinding the Open Internet Order could be done with just the commissioners because that's what happens when you give up on trying to pass laws.

Comment Re: At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 0) 351

Just because the IRS takes money from you, doesn't make it a bad organization.

Right, but the IRS specifically (as presently constituted) is a law enforcement agency that targets its political opponents for extra-legal harassment. If we were to fire everyone that worked there and replace them with randomly selected citizens, the nation as a whole would be better off.

Comment Re: To answer the question. (Score 1) 624

I will answer, if you don't mind.

Obama does have a little to gain (in terms of his legacy) from pro-Obama fake news continuing to proliferate, even in his retirement. But obviously, Trump has more to gain from pro-Trump fake news because he's going to be the guy for the next four to eight years. That's the answer to the question you asked.

I just wanted to point out how convenient it is that fake news is an issue of the future now that Obama's gains from it are mostly in the past.

Comment Re: Mainstream media DOES invent news (Score 1) 531

CNN was claiming that JOURNALISTS have a special dispensation that they are allowed to see leaked classified information and report on it, but non-journalists have to take CNN's word for it. Which is horseshit.

Also, the DNC emails that leaked out weren't classified in the first place.

Comment Re: Correction for summary (Score 2) 149

The full formal name of the game depicted in the FIFA games is "Association Football." This name is often shortened (depending on locale) to either "football" or "soccer." The name of the game comes from the fact that it's played "on foot" unlike polo, which is played "on horseback." (The implication was that soccer is a game for poor people, too poor to own their own horse.)

The NFL sanctions games in a sport called "Gridiron Football," which is also commonly shortened to football. The name comes from the fact that the oblong ball was historically 12 inches (one foot) long, when measured tip to tip. (The size of the ball was changed to the modern 11.5 inches in the 1930s to make the forward pass easier.)

Comment Misleading Story (Score 1) 224

Comparing the number of domains owned by Trump personally with the number owned by Clinton's campaign isn't measuring what it's alleged to measure.

For one thing, the Clintons personally owned, not the campaign. If that was a derogatory name, it wouldn't have shown up in the count.

For another thing, the article doesn't count derogatory names owned by supporters. The Democratic Party has been supporting the Clintons since at least 1992, right? Hillary personally has been running for President since 2000. I bet the Democrats own a bunch of anti-Clinton and anti-Hillary specifically domains that they bought defensively. Those domains aren't measured in the count either.

ABC and DomainIQ picked a dumb way to measure something that gave them an excuse to bitch about Trump, and Slashdot fell for it.

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