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Comment Re:I don't see where the "threat" is... (Score 1) 376

No forcing. They just offer a product and you decide if it works for or not.

And yes, use of the word 'threaten' shows editorial bias but the article is not presented as an opinion piece. The author ANDREW CUNNINGHAM, with his degree in the Classics, should be aware of this but it isn't mentioned.

Comment Re:Dump them as fast as you can (Score 1) 177

Job market realities are one thing and they do have to be factored in the equation, but the above line-out by cayanne8 was fairly good at explaining the non-coding (IT, whatever) aspects of running as a contractor business. I've had my own consulting/contracting company and ended up doing all of that stuff listed but had to learn the hard way over the years.

Like most things, it's not for everyone but I've seen it work... it can be done, and yes, there is a certain amount of chance involved.

Comment Re:Dirty weapons (Score 1) 120

The GP's point was to imply that Idaho somehow 'deserves' to get the waste since their ratio of nuclear plants to population is high(est). My point was to show that if their population is one of the lowest in the nation then it would skew the view to look like the Idaho folks are more generally in favor of the industry and have a disproportionately large number of nuclear plants (read: they deserve it). Extreme example to illustrate:

State A has 1 nuclear plant and a population of 1000.
State B has 10 nuclear plants and a population of 100,000.

Which state produces more nuclear waste and is more 'deserving' to have the waste put there?

My point that I implied but perhaps should have stated explicitly is to show that it is likely to be far more complicated and a simple 'per capita' metric is at best overly simple and at worst, deceitful. I'm sure you've heard of the "Lies, damn lies, and statistics" saying.

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