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Comment Re:Greenpeace is not credible (Score 1) 188

They also did not seem to understand that Wind Turbines are great bird whackers and kill more birds per year than lit up skyscrappers in Toronto.

What exactly is the correlation here. Are wind Turbines supposed the replace skyscrappers. Wouldnt it make more sense to compare the numbers of birds killed to the enviromental effects of othes ways to produce energy?

They also did not understand that the fabrication of solar cells required extremely toxic chemicals such as Selinium and also required large tracts of land (thus cut down the trees or plow under farmland) to power entire cities.

Yeah i guess those hippies had crazy ideas like putting solar panels on rooftops or put large amounts of them into desserts.

Submission + - Nanoscientists find long-sought Majorana particle ( 5

boner writes: In a follow-up of an earlier Slashdot story (, scientists at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, today published their findings that they have indeed found the Majorana particle.

The announcement on the university website provides both a summary and background of this groundbreaking discovery. The page is available in both dutch and english :

Submission + - Researchers Discover Fungi That Eat Plastics ( 1

AstroPhilosopher writes: Recycling has long been used to attempt to limit plastic waste disposal. However, it does nothing to limit the amount of new plastic we produce along with the plastic that makes it to landfills.

Now researchers have discovered a fungus that can eat polyurethane even in anaeorbic environments; along with another that when combined with cornhusks, can be used to create biodegradable styrofoam.


Submission + - ask /.: best book for 11yr old who wants to teach himself to Program 1

waferthinmint writes: what is the best book for my son to use to teach himself to program? He wants to study on his own but everything seems to assume an instructor or a working theoretical knowledge. he's a bright kid but the right guide can make all the difference.
Also, what language should he start with? When I was in HS it was Basic or Pascal. Now I guess C? He has access to an ubuntu box and an older macbook pro. Help me Slashdot, you're our only hope.

Submission + - Software error delays ICANN application deadline for new domain names (

DerekduPreez writes: "The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’ (ICANN) deadline for companies to apply for their own unique generic top-level domains (gTLD) has been extended by a week to midnight on 20 April, due to software problems.

Applications were meant to have been completed by midnight this evening, with the view to make an announcement on the 30th April about what companies had applied for which gTLDs.

However, David Taylor, a partner at international law firm Hogan Lovells, who is working closely with ICANN on the project, has said that a delay has been caused by technical issues with the TAS software that is being used to accept the applications.

An ICANN spokesperson also said that no cyber-attack has taken place and that no application data has been lost."

Comment Re:iOS now has more marketshare than Android (Score 0, Offtopic) 176

It's official: iOS now has more marketshare than Android. Reuters reports that Apple completely erased Android's marketshare lead, confirming earlier reports by both Nielsen and NPD. Over 150 Android smartphones couldn't outcompete the iPhone 4S. With 37 million iPhones sold last quarter, Apple is the largest smartphone marker, and their profits exceed Google’s entire revenue, $13 billion to $10.6 billion. Finally, with 15 million iPads sold last quarter, the tablet market is now larger than the entire desktop PC market.

The clock is ticking, Fandroids.

Funny that you mention the f word, after the expected RETURN of Apples marketshare lead has been comented as a "complete erase". Note: Apples marketshare accoring to the quoted market researchers is 44.9 versus googles 44.8. Wow. Beaten into the ground eh? And then.. 10.6 isnt Googles entire revenue. It s their profit. With all that said. Even if Apple had a marketshare of 70 or 80 percent or more on smartphones (NOT:all mobile phones): thats totally not a reason to buy their product. It would be a reason to worry bout market domination though. But besides that, for many people there are other more valid reason to decide for another phone.

Comment Why dont you just patch it? (Score 1) 97

The real problem is that organisations/the enterprise/etc.. are still THIS carefull with upgrades. My has alot of pc pools. All those still run XP.. which might be ok. All of them also run outdated versions of Firefox, Java, Flash and whatnot. (and not even like a few days outdated, it s worse. They dont even run the most current version of Fx 3.6. Why is this a problem? Because of the internet, the existance of security holes and the fact that exploting these has another dimension than 10 years before. It s organized crime these days and tons of scriptkiddies instead of just few hundred. Yes that s still original hackers around.. but those never were a real risk to begin with. So as long as you re letting a pc in your organizations network connect to the internet, having security software running on the client and the gateways just is not enough. While not being enough aswell, it s also neccesary to have all known security holes patched (if there is a patch available). PERIOD. The paradigm you may not risk to have incompatibilites and instabilities and patch more conservative might have been the right conclusion at the end of the 90s or at the beginning of the millenium. But it s different these days.Even more if your organisation is a corporation which needs to have buisness secrets protected.

Submission + - How to Make Windows XP Startup Faster & How to

ronandi writes: How to Make Windows XP Startup Faster & How to make applications start more quickly Do you get frustrated while you wait around for your slow Windows XP computer to startup? Windows XP will automatically load and startup any program that is in the startup folder whether you intend to use it or not. This article will show you how to speed up the bootup process of your PC by removing the programs that bog it down. This article details how to Make Windows XP Startup Faster and the addition of how to make applications start more quickly. The article not only tells of the known "editing startup" method, but also altering prefetch and the secret default setting in which windows always waits 30 seconds before starting up.

Submission + - Three Scenarios For How Microsoft's Claims

harris s newman writes: Information Week has a great article with the results from Microsofts claims about 235 patent violation claims. The article says that it will end in either: 1) Handshakes all around 2) Competition snuffed out or 3) It blows up in Microsoft's face. The article doesn't give odds on which will happen, but Linus Torvalds states that Microsoft is more likely the patent violator, given that OS theory has been around since the 1960's. Which scenerio is a more likely outcome?

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