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Comment Oh Please!! (Score 1) 43

This is only the result of the FCC regulation that will force cable operators like Comcast to allow consumers to purchase, connect, and use other Cable TV Boxes. Short of that decision, this would NOT be happening. It's just a move to shore up their argument, which, by the way, they've already lost.

Comment Re:can't take revenge against a computer (Score 1) 510

Pretty much you are right. The insurance companies won't have anything to do with this as this will make their coverage obsolete, or so cheap that they may actually have to do some work for a change. And the lawyers won't want to go down this path either, as who could they make millions off of with no one to sue? I'm all for 'robot cars'.. Bring 'em on! If we don't kill 1,000,000 a year, but save 999,000, seems like an easy decision to make... But trust me, it'll never happen.. 'cause there is no money to be made in this.

Comment Re:This is why we won't shut up. (Score 1) 250

As a Mac guy, I agree. Macs can become infected and start sending out spam as well... it just hasn't happened yet and we can sit and argue about why 'til the cows come home, but that's not fixing the problem that Windows has foisted on the world right now. Like the OP said, my guess is that ALL of those computers are running Windows. So please quite your pontificating about how great the platform is and find a way to keep it from oozing all this spam. Yeah, you can blame in on stupid users who can't or won't update their OS all you want, but you know what? The Mac base has it's fair share of stupid users as well, but we still don't have the problems you Windows guys do. Really... Isn't it time that someone hold Redmond accountable for the expense and bother of all this crap?

Comment Re:Why should I care? (Score 2, Insightful) 319

Because bad or false or misleading data is sometimes what people use to make a decision on. Kind of like the piling on theory.. I was going to vote for Mr. A, but since the polls show Mr. B is winning, I want to vote for the winner! Weird, sad, tragic, and very underhanded. But don't put it past folks to publish outright lies in an effort to sway the public.

Comment Re:new mac user here (Score 1) 647

I'm not exactly sure how that's going to work. Apple is NOT giving away the OS for $29.00. By that I mean if you bought this and tried to install it on a new, fresh, empty drive, it is probably not going to work. There will have to be a way to verify that you have a copy of 10.5, and the only way will be if it's already on the drive you are updating. So starting from "scratch" may not be an option with the $29.00 version. I've looked at Apple's web store, and can't find the $129.00 version that WOULD allow you to do this, but not doubt one is available, or will be soon.

Comment If it makes anyone feel any better.... (Score 1) 309

Somehow I managed to screw eBay. Don't remember the exact sequence of events, but it involved me selling something that the buyer sent back. Long story short, I get a nasty email from eBay about once a week about how I owe them money, and that my account has been 'suspended' due to non-payment. Too bad. I did manage to open a new eBay account, a new PayPayl account for the very, very, very rare times when there is something on eBay that I really want. As with most organizations this size, they are most likely very top heavy with management, and thus there operating expenses are at an all time high. Cut the fat, trim the expenses, bring the salaries down out of the stratosphere, and all these ridiculous fees go down to a reasonable level. Frankly, the service charges and hidden fees, not to mention the very complex way eBay and PayPal are set up and intertwined, make me avoid the site as much as possible.

Comment At least now we know why.. (Score 1) 1079

... Steve Jobs wasn't there.... mostly software announcements.. and the iWorks Cloud Service... no biggie, really. And this is probably why Apple has decided to pull out of MacWrold... too much pressure to give updates, even if they are not quite ready. But as usual, you can expect more hardware announcements in the upcoming weeks. I'm sure Apple decided to leave stuff OUT of the keynote once the rumor mills grab onto something.. just to piss them off...

Comment What Will Come of the FCC Comcast Hearing (Score 2, Insightful) 86

Nothing. Both money and time will be wasted on the hearings, but no changes will occur. Network shaping will persist, because the ISP's don't want to spend the money to upgrade their infrastructure.... unless they can get the government to pay for it, and then charge the end users more money for it.

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