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The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Facebook founder loves its new ads, you should too (

jlgolson writes: "Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks that the new ad pages are "beautiful" and make him "very happy". Unfortunately for Facebook's 50 million users, they won't be able to opt out of viewing the new ads, even if they disagree with Zuckerberg. He did hint that an opt-out system was a possibility if users were pissed off enough."

Submission + - Why Apple will be bigger than Google (

jlgolson writes: "Time has named Apple's iPhone its invention of the year. The iPhone is a big deal, but not for any of the reasons Time cites. The nonrelease of the Googlephone just highlights what Apple gets about consumers, and what Google doesn't. Apple knows how to design not just gadgets, but the businesses that go around them. And as a result, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple is worth more than Google within two years."
The Media

Submission + - David Pogue:advance gadget reviews are bogus (

Jordan Golson writes: ""New York Times gadget reviewer David Pogue got into an email back-and-forth with Valleywag after he was tricked into writing an article by advance misinformation on a pre-launch product. In theory, it's good for reviewers to test and write up products before release day, so consumers can make informed choices. In practice, Pogue and we wish the industry standard would change.""

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