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Comment Depth perception? (Score 1) 290

Are these rear view cameras going to be 3D? Has anyone even considered the disadvantage of losing any depth perception to the flat, 2 dimensional presentation of a video screen? I have trouble imagining the difficulty this would present in a backing situation. With a mirror, you can get a sense of depth and perspective to judge distances. A camera would just give a flat, detached representation of what was there. And perspective would be dependent on the focal length of the lens, among other things.

Submission + - Samsung responds to Appes FUD over public releases. ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: "Yesterday a big deal was made, both in court and in the press, about Samsung releasing excluded information publicly. The impression was given that Judge Koh was spewing flames, and Samsung was violating judges orders. There was even highly slanted article on slashdot about the incident.

Today Samsung responded. It turns out the information was already available to the public and Samsung was responding to journalists questions about the information.

Perhaps next time the Apple fanboys will wait until all sides respond before they give their Perry-Mason-wannabe unuinformed opinions. Maybe wait till a solid legal site like groklaw, not cnet, reports the story.

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