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Journal Journal: Oh the burlesque!! 2

"A coalition of hospital lobbyists, worried about the direction of the budget talks, has begun a national advertising campaign to block further cuts in the two health care programs, which account for about 55 percent of hospital revenues. The hospitals have made a commitment to spend up to $1 million a week through August on television, print and online advertising."

Submission + - Photographer booted off flight for taking picture (

An anonymous reader writes: A Miami photographer was escorted off a US Airways plane and deemed a “security risk” after she snapped a photo of an employee’s nametag at Philadelphia International Airport Friday.

Sandy DeWitt said the employee, whose name was Tonialla G., was being rude to several passengers in the boarding area of the flight to Miami.

So DeWitt snapped a photo of her nametag with her iPhone because she planned to complain about her in a letter to US Airways. But the photo didn’t come out because it was too dark.

However, once DeWitt was settled in her seat, preparing for take-off, Tonialla G. entered the plane and confronted her.

“She told me to delete the photo,” DeWitt said in an interview with Photography is Not a Crime Saturday morning.

DeWitt, who already had her phone turned off in preparation for take-off, turned the phone back on to show her that it didn’t come out, but deleted the photo anyway.

“I complied with her wishes but it’s not something I would normally do,” she said. “It just wasn’t usable.”

But Tonialla G. wouldn’t let the issue go. She then walked into the cockpit to inform the pilot that DeWitt was a “security risk.”

Next thing DeWitt knew, she was being escorted off the plane by two flight attendants. Her husband followed.

Comment I would not hire you (Score 1) 913

So you're too lazy or disinterested to bother to learn those skills that will make you tolerable as an adult. The ability to work your way through something you have to do yet are not interested in is the critical sign of maturity that you will be lacking when you are facing a job task you have little to no interest in. It is my fervent hope that you don't lose interest in wiping your butt, bathing and other things that distract you from your single-minded existence.
Good luck with that.

Comment beer styles (Score 1) 722

porter, stout, wit, ipa, etc
windows machines were named after english and non-english words/slang for "shit".
then I cleaned out the "shit" and no longer posses any windows machines.

Comment Grow a pair and call for a boycott (Score 2) 314

I am astounded that the /. crowd has not been calling for an absolute boycott of ALL media from ALL labels who sign on to these kinds of bills.

Put down the mp3 player and streaming video toys and pick up an instrument. If you want entertainment, get creative and make your own. Then you can do all the sharing you want with content you make.

Like it or not, whining about "they are taking away my perceived rights" on /. will have no effect on the people who are writing this legislation. But if the people who are supposed to be paying for this content all say loudly in one voice "Your content is crap and I don't want it" and then grow a pair and stick to their convictions and DON'T WATCH THE CONTENT FROM THE PEOPLE WHO ARE BACKING THIS LEGISLATION IN ANY FORM, the loss of 10-20 million viewers will have an impact the longer it keeps up. The only language those people understand is cash. They think they are getting less than they deserve so they buy votes. We outnumber them so remind them they exist because we allow them to. It's not like your life will end if you don't hear/view the latest "thing".

Besides, if /. started looking around and something other than the media content this is about, you might notice there's a lot of stuff that geeks can do to keep crap like this from expanding.

Walk away. Nothing to see here. Literally

Comment are vegetarians a food source? (Score 1) 562

Does having a list of all know vegetarians within 2 miles count as a food source? :-)
I do have several days worth of canned food on hand at all times along with dried beans and rice for weeks. Canned turkey spam. Yum! I also have 3 days worth of water in a series of jugs that I do cycle through to keep them "fresh". Plus batteries (hidden from my 12 year old gamer) and a Coleman camp stove with 6 jugs of fuel. Add tents, sleeping bags good to well below freezing, many back packs, several first aide kits, and few items of ID/deed/title nature in a fast grab pack in the safe with the arsenal and ammo. What I don't have is fuel cans and carriers for the car and enough spare dog food. The cats will likely have to fend for themselves as they will scatter while the dogs will clump around us. Plus the hip flask with single malt scotch for emergencies!
My tools are usually scattered all over the house so a fast grab and run of those is likely to be fatal to me in many emergency types (fire, tornado, zombie uprising, etc).

Comment lawsuit settlement != royalties (Score 3, Interesting) 48

RedHat settles a lawsuit and obtained the ability to continue to include code that was found to be patented by others. RedHat paid the cash and in exchange the code is now available under the GPL v.[23] with no further repercussions either upstream towards developers or downstream towards JBoss users. Did they license the code with that cash? That's not what it looks like. It looks like the cash was paid as a penalty and the legal team at RedHat made sure that was all that would ever be paid for the use of that. Did RedHat buy the license with that cash? Not sure but that is allowed in the GPL (my understanding at least. IANAL).

Comment Debian most likely to inspire change (Score 1) 354

I read the article not as Debian is the most important distro but rather is Debian is the most likely to cause people to say "I can do better than that" and then expend the energy to do so. The RedHat derivatives are far fewer in numbers because RH does such a good job of covering all the bases people want to see in a distro. That is to say, RedHat users are more satisfied with the efforts of RedHat than Debian users are with the efforts of the Debian community.
That said, Debian is an outstanding community distro whereas RedHat is an outstanding enterprise distro. Use each appropriately for best effect.

Comment ergs or watts or Mev or .... (Score 1) 868

I want it in some form of energy. That's the only "common factor" unit of exchange that actually makes sense. It kicks the speculators to the street, it's stable and tangible. It brings inflation to 0 as the "value" of the currency never changes. It makes real "fair trade" possible as every one can see the cost and value transparently. Besides, what we buy with our paycheck is basically energy. Food, toys, transportation, etc. By working all transactions in energy units, it bypasses many forms of currency manipulation.

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