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Comment Re:Canada about to be invaded (Score 0) 95

Right. Exactly. But more likely this will last as long as it takes for the US to say "Oh, remember that money we were going to lend you, or those resources you needed from us or that blah blah blah trade we were going to do...???? Well, how about we get that data first." Effect: US gets data.

Comment Re:You cannot fine that which does not have a numb (Score 0) 614

There have been a number of cases where the compromise of the phone company's directory has lead to these people being killed or worse.

What's worse than being killed? I'm pretty sure there's nothing. No matter if someone is tortured or raped, I'm pretty sure they'd rather not die, most of all.

Comment Re:Good (Score 0) 228

I dunno about the quality of prints, I've never used them and forgot they even existed...

Driver nightmare in a domain environment. Never had a good experience with these across many, many models. Print quality varies but would not prefer them.

Comment Re:They have no intention of really doing anything (Score 0) 167

I used to work for a non-profit health & wellness/community organization that can be abbreviated by four very well known sequence of letters. They implemented robocalls for EVERYTHING including, camp updates, account balance due, etc from the headquarters until one VP got wind of it and realized they could use it for even MORE (marketing, incentives, etc). I heard many stories from the branch levels of how intrusive and frequent these calls were becoming. As the person in charge of the technology, let me tell you it was almost impossible to tell the VPs that no... this was not a good strategy. Good way to lose members IMHO.

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