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Journal Journal: Gmail makes me happy

So I got a gmail invite through a friend of a friend, first time that's ever paid off eh?, it's pretty cool another guy I know just reciently got an invite and we've been spamming each other back and forth for no real reason other than we like how it does the conversations. I've already moved all my email subscriptions to gmail and am rather pleased with it for now.

Internet Explorer

Journal Journal: Earthlink + Mozilla = not friends 2

As you can see by my earlier entry by all intents and purposes I was going to permanetly switch to Mozilla until I decided to change ISPs because my DSL which is provided by Cincinnati Bell started to suck major ass, here is what has happened over the past month. First the email server goes down for 24 hours, than a week later the DSL modem is kicking me off for god knows what reason so I call up tech support and they agree to put in a work order for me to exchange my modem at a Cincinnati Bell store, I go down there and swap the modem and get home and everything is working okay until I notice that I no longer have a dial tone. So I go to a pay phone call 611 and get someone to come out TWO DAYS LATER anyway they come out and they're like it's inside so we're going to have to charge you again that's okay they get inside and they trace it to, the modem, yes the new modem that the idiots at CB rebuilt incorrectly had put a short on the line the guy went and said there'd be no bill since I was like it's your fault you had to come! and he had them send out a DSL Guy (apparently they don't trust the regular phone guys with the DSL equipment, the phone guy doesn't know why either) who swapped the modem and everything worked well. Then later the SAME night the DSL goes down for two hours and that's when it's decided to change to Cable. Earthlink for cable is the same price as DSL and is faster and is apparently WAY more stable. Anyway after applying for it online it allowed me to setup my Earthlink account which is nice because I can now change all of my email address and I have access to earthlink dialup if I need it. Anyway everything on Earthlink works with Mozilla except of course the start page which I wanted to use so I said screw it and I'm using IE again. The funny thing is that on Earthlink's network status page they have a note under personal start page that it won't work on Netscape 7.5 or lower, my question is there's a 7.5?


Journal Journal: Mozilla is good

I've finally decided to permanently switch from IE to Mozilla and I'm fairly happy with it. Also Netscape 7.1 has leaked out or something although I don't know if you'd call it a leak if it's being hosted by them but the netinstaller is hidden on their ftp. On they were rambling about how the Netscape 7.1 agent has an (ax) on it which they're guessing means ActiveX which sounds really cool I suppose but I've got the ActiveX plugin for Moz so I doubt I really need to bother with it.

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