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Comment Re:Already possible (Score 1) 318

This is more invasive than things you can normally glean. *any* item won on your account goes into this log, along with the exact time stamp. the only way to see what items a person has won without this, is to be standing within view range of them, when they choose to wear it.

It also shows gains in currency (emblems/badges) that were previously undetectable

In a nutshell, it provides more information, and increases the precision of already available information. i.e. from "ooo bill has a new superawesomeitem recently" to "bill got a superawesomeitem at 2:26pm, 4:14pm, and 8:22pm"

Comment I use surface mount SD card holders (Score 1) 485

when looking for a solution for my ds, it turns out its a real problem. there are almost zero microsd storage card solutions out there. not even the crappy wallets!

So i ordered a pile of surface mount microSD card slots, glued them to the lid of the DS. instant solid storage. i even spent extra (i think $0.50 each total) to get the clicky ones. nice and solid. I plan on gluing a few of these to the top of my camera lens cap once i get around to ordering the SD card sized ones.

Role Playing (Games)

New EVE Online Expansion Detailed 96

Eurogamer reports on the EVE Online Fanfest, at which developer CCP revealed details on the game's next expansion, due out in March. It will be the biggest expansion yet for EVE, and it will "introduce 'Tech 3' modular ship designs, branching epic mission arcs, further improvements to the new player experience, and exploration of uncharted space through unstable wormholes. ... The focus of the expansion will be 'true exploration,' with players using new skills and modules to travel through wormholes into all-new, unconnected space." CCP also hinted that further graphical upgrades would be coming, and a standalone first-person shooter based on EVE may be in development for a console release.
Media (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Ignores Enterprise Market: Does It Matter? (

AAPL writes: "Apple appears to be losing its edge on the enterprise front, thanks in part to its upcoming entrance into the mobile sector. Does anyone care? From the article, "Apple knows what sells, regardless of what they happen to be trying to sell at the time. So if they want to simply "dabble" in the enterprise market (from the support perspective), then so be it. When you look at their ever-growing market share on the consumer side of things, Apple is quickly becoming the king of that jungle. They are encroaching into Microsoft's market share with their Mac line, and if they play their cards right, they may also take a bite out of the consumer level cell phone market with their much famed iPhone."

Submission + - BarCamp USA - 4 day event - 5,000 Techs & Geek

Ken Rheingans writes: "On the 23rd of August one of the most momentous tech events this year will be occurring, BarCamp USA.

For 4 days only from the 23rd to the 26th of August an expected 5-10,000 people will be descending on Jefferson Wisconsin. It has been compared by a number of already as the 'Woodstock' of Tech and the "Burning Man" of Tech and the tickets haven't even gone on sale yet.

Non stop 24 hours a day, for 4 straight days, some of the brightest most influential people in the tech community will be discussing/demo'ing'/networking about what's hot/what's not, what they are working on today and more importantly discussing what's important to them in the future.
visit for more information."

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