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Submission + - AMD Launches New ATI Linux Driver ( 1

Michael Larabel writes: "AMD has issued a press release announcing "significant graphics performance and compatibility enhancements" on Linux. AMD will be delivering new ATI Linux drivers this year that offer ATI Radeon HD 2000 series support, AIGLX support (Beryl and Compiz!), and major performance improvements. At Phoronix we have been testing these new drivers internally for the past few weeks and have a number of articles looking at this new driver. The ATI 8.41 Linux driver delivers Linux gaming improvements from the R300/400 series and the R500 series. The inaugural Radeon HD 2900XT series support also can be found in the new ATI Linux driver with "the best price/performance ratio of any high-end graphics card under Linux." While this new driver cannot be downloaded yet, AMD has also eluded to accelerating efforts with the open-source community. Will AMD's announcement be enough to rectify their troubled Linux past?"

Submission + - ATI/AMD Announces Driver Breakthrough (

schestowitz writes: "AMD has just dropped the bomb when it announced a major driver breakthrough. To Linux users, the effect of this news is enormous. To gamers and to projects like Compiz-Fusion, this will be the end of a lot of trouble. seems to have had some insider information because the site already boasts extensive benchmarks and detailed information. From one among five articles: 'Whether you are using a Radeon X300 purchased a few years ago or the Radeon X1950PRO, the 8.41 driver is noticeably faster. How much faster? In many cases it is about 50% faster while in some configurations it may go as high as 90% or more. In fact, in some benchmarks the Mobility Radeon X300 was over 10x faster!'"

Submission + - Water Vapor Seen on Young Star System

tonganqn writes: "Using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope scientists have discovered huge amounts of water vapor in the young star system, called NGC 1333-IRAS 4B. From the text at Water Vapor Seen on Young Star System, scientists say that "the water vapor is pouring down from the system's natal cloud and smacking into a dusty disk where planets are thought to form". This certaintly is a important step forward in space exploration. We are getting closer to someday find life in other stars systems."

Submission + - Rare dead star found near Earth

mernil writes: "Astronomers have spotted a space oddity in Earth's neighbourhood — a dead star with some unusual characteristics. [...] If confirmed, it would be only the eighth known "isolated neutron star" — meaning a neutron star that does not have an associated supernova remnant, binary companion, or radio pulsations."

Comment Re:I hate to say it ... (Score 1) 276

Did you actually read my post? I gave advice on selecting a laptop for running linux as well as suggesting what I *personally* would consider to be a better option. The macbook is by far the best value Core Duo laptop available at this point, plus it has the advantage of being able to run not only Linux and Windows but ALSO OSX, which I consider to be an advantage. He explicitly stated he has a need to run Windows, but clearly wishes to run a better OS - be that Linux or OSX - for general day to day use. I do run linux on a laptop - Fujitsu Siemens P7010 - with everything supported except the sd card reader. This is purely because I wanted an ultra-portable laptop. For desktop purposes I use a mac, which I *personally* consider to be the best UNIX experience out there at the moment. This will be my final post on the matter as I refuse to be drawn into a flame war for no reason. Joel.

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