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Comment Won't come close to that (Score 2) 473

I have no problem with this type of scum getting some sort of jailtime. The question is, does the punishment fit the crime? I do not believe that this person will get anywhere near 105 years, especially if there are no priors. Before passing judgement, I think I will wait for a conviction. Is there a precedent for this type of crime with the same kind of scale to it?

Comment Re:My WRT54G v2 is still in full service (Score 1) 118

Nope. Same device, same hardware revision. Probably the most reliable thing in my basement. I use it for the decent QOS, bandwith history and as a failover WAP in case my wireless N unit loses power for whatever reason. I can't imagine tearing it apart to add IO headers for this kind of project though.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 228

Sorry for answering so late in the game, but one of the main reasons to have dynamic ip's is so that the ISP does not have to keep (and pay for) large blocks of unused ip's. They oversell ip's like they do bandwith as they know not all of them will be in use 100% of the time. Ever wonder why some ISPs have ridiculously short lease times, sometimes on the order of 4 hours?

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