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Comment Re:They hated me.... (Score 1) 170

It's free money if they send you the nielsen survey through snail mail. They sent one to me and it had three dollars in the envelope for my time filling out there survey. I promptly through the envelope in the trash and spent the three bucks on something. A few weeks later, I got another envelope with another three dollars in it. I sure hope they stay in business and keep sending me envelopes of money all they want.

Comment Re:It has been dead for more than a decade. (Score 1) 170

I doubt that 18-49 is the only demographic that matters to advertisers, otherwise we would not be flooded with the Viagra, hair club, electric wheelchair, and Depends commercials. All ages are covered by different shows. Energy Drinks, Xbox games, Condoms, and beer are on the Reality TV/MTV channels. The depends, viagra, hair club are on NCIS/CSI/Price is Right shows. Birth Control pills/devices, tampons, and femine hygiene products are on the singing with the dancing stars shows. Kids toys and games are on the Saturday morning cartoon/Disney/Nick shows.

Comment Re:Speed and cost (Score 1) 294

...desk monkey hired for their appearance...

I think the manager that hires the majority of the people for their appearance needs to be fired. I see way too many troglodytes mashing keys in stores. There are a few attractive people working behind counters, but for the most part they are hideous creatures that belong under a bridge or in a carnival freak show.

Comment Re:Problem Solved (Score 1) 294

This will work except when the customer orders a small, medium, or large. Coffee shops like to use italian for their coffee sizes. I don't speak italian, so I don't know if Venti, Tall, or Grande is the bigger size. Keep your coffee down (here in the USA) to small, medium or large please. I hear it everytime, I pass a starbucks "I'll have whatever the large is". Solve that problem and coffee ordering will be easier. That and if someone orders a coffee with no other verbs, you just get him a cup of damn, black (with cream and sugar) coffee.

Comment Re:sorry but (Score 1) 294

You're not alone, it doesn't really work for some americans, either. Especially the americans with a strong southern accent. I get a kick out of listening to how many times some of the people I know, with strong southern accents, repeat themselves over the phone to a automated voice system.
I usually have an easier time understanding a Brit, unless he's using cockney, than some people in my own country.

Comment Re:A Kiosk won't upgrade me (Score 1) 294

I must be doing it wrong. You are supposed to tip the hotel check-in person, too?

Will these people get a nametag that instead of their name, says "You are supposed to tip me". How am I supposed to know who to tip and who not to tip? Are we supposed to tip everyone nowadays? We already tip the baggage handler, the valet, the hotel cleaning staff, and the elevator guy. How many more people do I have to support, because employers are too cheap to pay their staff?

Bring out the Manager, perhaps they need a tip, as well. Sorry for the rant about tipping, not because I am cheap, but because it is becoming a PITA to figure out who to tip, who not to tip, and how much to tip. Also, frustrating to carry around that many single bills in my pocket. I just really wished they started including all these tips into the room cost and stop nickle and diming me.

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