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Comment Re:Regarding the 'too late' part of the equation (Score 0) 184

Wow you seriously are oblivious aren't you?

Connecting Android to Amazon services...WHICH BY THE WAY Amazon sells as a service to other companies so they have built it to be easily incorporated.

Is now comparable to

Industry leading, FIPS certified security. Corporate device management. BES, BIS, BBM, their own content distribution!

What a way to ultimately show corporate focus to your stockholders, since you bring them up. Seriously get a clue, bang your head off a desk and get a clue. You are arguing a completely useless position which a piddiily amount knowledge on the subject. Just stop already.

Comment Re:Regarding the 'too late' part of the equation (Score 0) 184

"He didnt say every mobile company." - He gave the same regurgitated comment that always gets said when talking about struggling mobile companies.
"And he has a point. Especially considering the fact that BB10 came out too late to ever be mainstream" - Can I borrow your time machine?
"Because they are superior in every way to anything BB had done" - Well if people buy stuff because it's superior then how is doing the same thing as everyone else a solution? Where is a fish I can throw at you right now.
"That could have been avoided with an android skinng to keep them relevant while they worked on BB10 for the next itteration." - An Android skin would have lost them any of the major corporate and goverenment customers they had that keep them afloat this long. I seriously need to find a fish to smack you.
"If you want to add to a discussion then by all means. But atleast have something to say instead of running in, shitting on someones comment and then running off" - I didn't run anywhere and thanks Captain Comment Commander, here on the internet defend idiodic posters with ridiculous non thought out posts.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 184

Ohh ok, so "cause I say so" is your stance. LOL very persuading. I've used it to and it's nothing like either of them, so there. "wait a year", excuse me? you just said something was killing it, now it's 'wait a year'. You're beyond repair, I'm not even gonna try

Comment Re:Regarding the 'too late' part of the equation (Score 2, Insightful) 184

Yup the largest supplier of secure mobile devices to governments and corporations should throw it all away because you say it's obsolete now. BlackBerry is positioning themselves for the future....not for the now. If it was so easy to rework Android the way you suggest company's would be doing it. They're just figuring out the lag problems in the software finally so they can stop throwing hardware at software problems. Yet you think a little "secret sauce" in Android will create a business class piece of software. Give the OP a call and borrow whatever it was he/she hit themselves with.

Comment Re:Regarding the 'too late' part of the equation (Score 0) 184

You just compared BlackBerry to Amazon and suggested the 'skin Android to their liking'. You are oblivious to the things that made BlackBerry what they are and cost of LOL skinning them into Android. You don't deserve a response with substance. To be honest you don't even deserve this retort thinking companies can just 'skin' Android and fix their problems.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 184

How is it like iOS and Android? did you read the review or watch and of the videos of it? It's nothing like either of them. And how can you say 'that is what's killing it'? They just reported record sales in Canada and UK for the history of BlackBerry. Where do you get this stuff from.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 183

I didn't hear the "WHOOSH". Maybe one of Perkins associates stole it and is planning on releasing it on the net ;). - See what I did there. The ;) implies a joke or sarcasm. If you want people to understand your subtle sarcasm I suggest using it. I'm not at all a person that believes "Once a criminal..." and haven't had my identity stolen. But when someone admits getting caught with all that and then tries to feed me some BS about "needing to eat" (Which who knows if it was a joke or not) I don't give there words much credit thereafter.

Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 183

The fact that you have mail, cards, ids and reports contradicts "needed to eat". You could maybe use that with a single stolen card you got caught using at mcdonalds. But the fact that you had all these different types of material for multiple people...that consequently are all used for identity theft And no stealing from people or stealing their identities isn't better than mooching of your mother. Maybe you need to spend some more time in jail so you understand that.

Comment Re:No sympathy here (Score 1) 183

Over compensating? 1. He broke the law 2. He knew he was doing it 3. He got caught How do acknowledging and agreeing with the facts become over compensation, and what do my machines have to do with Perkins getting caught and sent to jail. You're trying to somehow redirect this idiots criminal activity and subsequent punishment on to me? lol, grow up. There's no debate going on here.

Comment No sympathy here (Score 0) 183

Perkins isn't gonna get a single ounce of sympathy from me. Whether you agree with the law or not doesn't matter. You can sit here and compare it to other criminal activity all you want. Complain all day and night about how police should be investing time in other things, blah, blah, blah. We've heard it all before every time a piracy topic comes up and guess what, it's still against the law. Perkins 100% broke the law knowingly, so it's time to pay the piper Jeramiah Perkins, of Portsmouth, Va. He knew there was a chance he could get caught and end up in jail, there is a history of movie pirates getting jail time. But he didn't take the necessary precautions to avoid getting caught, and all of a sudden. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK...bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do... Bend over Jeramiah, Bubba is now going to stick his junk inside you. Learn how to be a better criminal or don't be one at all.

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