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Comment Re:Well paint me surprised: (Score 1) 236

Typhoon class submarines (the Dmitri Donskoi belongs to this class) are not supposed to fire missiles from underwater. They are supposed to break the ice pack to launch their payload. So, this is either a very interesting evolution, or bad reporting.

Not true. They can surface (if they need to break the ice), but don't have to.

Comment Re:It still fails at my simple CSS test. (Score 3, Informative) 325

I'd love to use Opera more, but every version (including 10) seems to suffer from rendering issues that are often readily apparent on major websites that don't seem to affect any other browser. I don't know whether its the browser or the website, but either way they dissuade me from continued use of Opera. Checkout the weekend view for example.

Comment Re:Lawsuits waiting to happen (Score 1) 125

if you want to make them stop, you'll have to bring your own, separate lawsuit, with all the costs and hassles that entails.

So I doubt they're will be many "the Author's Guild doesn't represent me" lawsuits, or if there is, the judges will toss them quickly, citing the valid legal status of class action lawsuits.

I think that's the important point here. As a small author if you don't opt out you may see some small monetary benefit. If you opt out, you'll see no benefit and realistically won't be able to gain anything from Google. You're too small to negotiate anything useful with Google (they'll probably just remove all references to your work) and its also not worth suing Google on your own (you'd probably eventually just get grouped into another class action).

Comment Re:Poor Title (Score 1) 829

maintenance on the F-22 is vastly more expensive than on an F-15 or F16.

Apples to apples, the F22 costs only slightly more than the F15 per flying hour (on the order of $20k vs. $17k).

Comment F22 and F35 cost nearly the same (apples2apples) (Score 3, Interesting) 829

If you look at when they actually are producing F35 vs F22 at nearly identical production rates, F22 is only a little bit more expensive. The main reason why F35 is projected to be significantly cheaper is they are planning on producing more of them at faster rates.

F-35 Flyaway Unit Cost
FY2011: $124.580 million (24 per year)

F-22 Flyaway Unit Cost
FY2007: $136.826 million (20 per year)

A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush. I'd bet F35 ends up costing just as much as F22.

Give me more F22s and fewer F35s.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Can email content be copyrighted?

careysb writes: I've just gotten so used to every email that I send from my place of employment being modified to add "for business used only" and "proprietary" notices to the end that I barely noticed that my ISP had started to append their own advertising to the end of my personal emails. Can I consider my email content to be copyrighted and that their use of my material for advertising purposed is in violation of my copyright? (IANAL's need reply)

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