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Submission + - More In-Game Advertising on the Way

jizziknight writes: Wired has an article up detailing what sorts if in-game advertisements and product placement are on the way. It looks like advertisers and developers might actually be starting to think it through, rather than just slapping the company's name on everything. Adidas Basketball will be sponsoring some unlockable "features" in Electronic Arts' NBA Live 07 on the XBox 360 and the PS3 that showcase its new "It Takes 5IVE" slogan. The features include 5 players with special uniforms and an exclusive arena. In Fight Night Round 3, Burger King is sponsoring an unlockable boxer as well as an avatar of The King that joins your entourage when you win a Burger King-sponsored event. There are also a few details about an ad-supported MMOG by Acclaim, in which sponsors offer to buy items for you when you go shopping in the game.

Another interesting tid-bit from the article: A comScore survey showed that "Thirty-seven percent of heavy gamers (those who play games at least 16 hours a week) agreed that featuring actual products or companies in games make the games feel more realistic. About one-third (27 percent) of medium gamers (those who played less than 11 hours per week) agreed that in-game ads can add to a game's realism." Of course, we've all seen instances where ads make the game less realistic.

Ultimately, the question on everyone's mind is if games with ads and product placement will cost any less for the consumer than games without.

Submission + - PS3 to Run Folding@Home

jizziknight writes: CNN is reporting that the PS3 will use downtime to run Folding@Home. From the article: "Pande said that a network of 10,000 PlayStations would increase speeds by a factor of five, and 100,000 would be 50 times faster than what they can do today." The program will not come pre-installed on the system; users will have to download it. Assuming the PS3 sells well enough to make an impact, will enough PS3 owners download the program and run it often enough to realize these claims of increased speeds?

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