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Comment Re:How do you know? (Score 3) 269

If it needs to connect to a subscription service outside your home it has the potential to become part of a bot net.

Can you trust your thermostat to not browse your files?

Guess that depends on the "required" app permissions, since that side of IoT is the part that is far more blatantly in the obtrusiveness of IoT.

Well if you have an SMB share, or some other unprotected share, what is to stop your thermostat from mounting it and looking at its contents? Unless you block your thermostat off of the rest of the network. Any device you have that can be controlled by a remote service could be compromised and controlled by anyone.

Comment Re:It would have been better the other way round? (Score 1) 49

Imagine they would count people "watching" videos for less than 3 seconds (read: people who click something, notice it's a video, go "fuck this shit, I ain't watching a video now!" and close it). Would that cause an uproar? You bet it would. "Bah, cheating, people aren't really watching that, it's just clickbait and they get lured there, people aren't really interested in the video, FB is only trying to say so to be relevant, people go to YouTube for videos..." and so on.

I'd be the last defender of FB (as far as I am concerned, the day they finally croak should be called "privacy day"), but what exactly should they have done?

The shady thing is that most of these ads get played automatically by Facebook. People didn't intentionally watch them to begin with. So what happens is that they count the people who may not be watching the ad anyway but don't count the people that intentionally skip the ad. If Facebook wants to be honest, they should only count ad plays that people intentionally watch - which my guess will be approximately 0. They're lying to their customers and telling them their ads are more successful than they actually are.

Comment Re:Facebook lies: shocker (Score 2) 49

Why would you include people who watched a video for less than 3 seconds? Would you say you've read a book because you glanced at the cover? Or seen a movie because you saw a 30-second trailer (okay, that last one, too often the trailers contain all the interesting stuff, so you're wasting your time watching the movie, but you get what I mean(.

As long as you don't include those people in the "total viewers" category, I see no problem.

It's Facebook being shady. They added the autoplay feature so that they could drive this metric and then excluded the people that intentionally skipped these videos they didn't want to autoplay to begin with.

Comment Re: Yeah but there's a whole world out there (Score 1) 850

Are you serious? Trump has stated 1) he wouldn't necessarily honor NATO commitments and 2) he is a "big fan" of the leader of the country NATO was created to resist. You better believe the rest of the world is acutely interested in the results of this election.

Besides, it sounds like you are an American - and the typical American who makes broad assumptions about the rest of the world without actually ENGAGING with it. Pretty much every non-American friend I have is interested - sometimes literally fascinated - with what's going on right now in American politics.

I can assure you that many Americans all believe this to be a giant prank perpetrated by MTV and Ashton Kutcher. We're expecting him to come out on election night and claim he just punked the entire world.

Comment Re:I've seen this before (Score 1) 79

Probably quite difficult. That said, miles probably don't mean what you think they mean. United has three categories of air miles:

  • Lifetime flight miles are the total number of miles that you've flown. These count towards your million mile status (when you get enough in this category, you get status for life).
  • Premiere qualifying miles. These are the number of miles that you've flow, with a few small tweaks, which count towards your premiere status for the next year (25K for silver, 50K for gold, and so on).
  • Award miles. These expire if you don't fly with them for a while (18 months, I think), accumulate roughly in proportion to the number of dollars you spend with them (with a multiplier for your premiere status) and can be used to buy flights, upgrades, and so on.

I believe that this person was given 15 million award miles. That doesn't mean that he can use them to fly a million miles. For example, a transatlantic flight (around 2.5-6K miles, depending on the route) booked with award miles costs either 30K or 60K (depending on whether you want a guaranteed flight or a chance to be bumped). And you still need to pay airport taxes for the trip (likely around $100-150). If you want to upgrade to business class, I think it's another 20K miles and a $500 fee.

That said, 15M award miles is probably enough that he'd never need to pay full price for a flight ever again. It's enough for 125 transatlantic round trips, which is a lot more than most people take in a lifetime (though some people obviously do: you can spend all of those miles without reaching million miler status).

They've definitely changed the way they allow you to use miles. I splurged on a 3 person trip to Europe, first class, and it cost me about $120 per person and around 300,000 miles total. That was in 2013. I was thinking about going to Australia for New Years and they wand 180,000 miles + $40 round trip in coach to Sydney. That's per person. The taxes and fees are surprisingly low but the mile cost is high. That being said, I had thought about going to Copenhagen with less than a month's notice and there was (surprisingly) a ton of reward seats left on the flight. $60 in taxes and 40k miles. I still haven't quite figured out how they value the miles now. It used to be a flat rate - 25k for domestic and 55k for international - assuming you got a reward seat and not a normal seat.

As for all the hate on United... well I think their service is definitely better in 2016 than it has been in the past and I get a free upgrade to economy plus at booking. I get upgraded to first class around 30-40% of the time so I am happy to stick with them even.

Comment Re:Oh that's not all (Score 1) 610

I thought his username was "StoneTear"? Those are all "StormTear" posts.

Comment Re:I would love it but (Score 1) 610

I would love if this will be the thing that stops Hillary, but she's as slippery as a greased weasel. She's already got the FBI and the Attorney General in her pocket so there's really no one left to prosecute her.

If this story gets any traction at all, watch how quickly she will throw this guy and anyone else standing near him under the bus without a second thought.

I wouldn't be surprised if she receives a presidential pardon after the election, regardless of the outcome.

Comment Re:No sh!t they're trying to hide something (Score 1) 610

So far nobody's got any real dirt on Clinton.

Aside from the Obama administration who has an interest in protecting Clinton. And it's just national security felonies. No big deal.

Meanwhile Bush Jr deleted 22 million emails.

Because that's all the same once you ignore the differences such as Clinton's grossly negligent mishandling of classified information or intentional bypassing of State Department IT. And that Bush didn't do it, but rather the Republican National Committee. I'm tired of people blowing off Clinton's long train of scandals and crimes with the same old rationalizations: "you can't prove it" and "Bush/some other Republican did it too".

My response to people who say "So and so did it too is" go ahead and prosecute that person, too! If the statute of limitations has not run, I'd be more than happy to see another dishonest politician in prison.

Comment Re:Stick a fork in.... (Score 1) 610

Trump may be slime, but at the moment I don't think there is any sort of definitive proof he's broken the law,. If there were it almost certainly would have come out by now and be front page headlines for every news organization in the US....

Well I suspect that Trump University is a case of massive fraud against its students and, if any Federal Financial Aid was granted, the tax payers. Trump just donated his beach front resort to the Florida AG's reelection campaign and magically the fraud charges against the University were dropped the next week. I say throw them both in jail.

Comment Re:VIP (Score 1) 610

To me that's the number one reason it seems completely faked. Who talks like that, as if somehow that means you will get a better quality of help?

Probably the same kind of person who asks where the ATM Machine is located. People who work for the department of redundancy department. There are people like this all over the place, who use acronyms without even thinking about what they actually mean.

Comment Re:Doesn't solve the problem (Score 1) 109

Hi there, Luis from Unpatent here. I agree the patent system is broken. However, the same way as we cannot cure VIH right away, we gotta treat the symptoms at least. It's the same for our crowdfunding platform. We're actually in the process of automating the lawyers' task in the process, so no, our aim is not to make lawyers rich(er).

You lost me for a second there on VIH. I assume you're a native Spanish speaker? It's HIV in English. I'm guessing I was not the only one that was slightly thrown by this. Otherwise, your English is excellent.

Comment Re: Market failure (Score 1) 428

Allocation of scarce resources by price is not market failure. This is of particular importance during unusual circumstances.

In many jurisdictions it is considered price gouging to raise prices of certain goods and services during emergency situations. Can you imagine what would happen if, knowing that a hurricane was about to hit, Home Depot start charging 10x as much for the materials people needed to safely secure their homes against damage? I'm not saying that price gouging laws apply in this situation, but it would not surprise me if they did.

Comment Re:Rivalry (Score 2) 125

Vim's 8.0 release was actually September 12th. Emacs 25.1 came out yesterday, September 17th.

Slashdot is just incredibly slow. :)

Either that or they were just delaying the story to start a holy war.

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