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Comment Re:A ribbon clone? (Score 1) 224

"I'm used to this" does not equal "it's better for everyone," just as "I'm not used to this" doesn't mean "it sucks." And it works in both directions. If you are proficient in lightweight editors (VI, etc.), they are fast, effective, and do most of what you need. But there is a learning curve (am I in edit mode? Did I save my changes?). I certainly understand why people, if exposed to both, side by side, for the first time, would choose a GUI-heavy app. And then to have one with pictures in the menu that might indicate what the commands do along with the text - well, just pamper me, whydon'cha!

For those of us who use keyboard shortcuts, I don't believe those have changed, even if the layout of the menu has (did I miss something there?). Since I'm not looking at the menu when executing my shortcuts, it doesn't really matter if they moved the entry (as long as the keystroke combo didn't change), and if I'm looking for something I don't do frequently, I already didn't know where it was, so whether I'm looking through a list of expandable text menus or an already-expanded ribbon, who cares? I don't get the fuss. I really don't. I'm not criticizing those who don't like it, just saying that I really don't see what's so bad about it, as I don't find there to be any drawbacks.

Comment Re:I'd listen to more of my purchased music... (Score 1) 180

This is actually an excellent point. I did not, of course, RTFA, but how does one go about comparing streaming to CD / ripped audio / over-the-air radio / cable audio stations? I will agree that anecdotally it seems that streaming is likely to be more common, but to make the claim requires empirical evidence.

Comment Re:The way they talk about pirates (Score 1) 79

Yours will likely not be a popular post, but it is entirely valid. CD in 1985 - $15. Equivalent cost in cash in the US today (used an inflation calculator at saving.org) - $36.35. I may (and do) hate DRM, rootkits, mistreatment of artists, and all of the other things we point out about media companies, but the price of albums on CD isn't something we can honestly complain about.

Comment Re:The way they talk about pirates (Score 1) 79

I was curious as to exactly what "a lot more money" might add up to. It doesn't appear to be much,unless just under five grand USD in five months for a million-plus plays is considered a lot in the country in which you live. If you're a big act with, say, 20 tracks that get this kind of attention, that's great, but unfortunately small bands just aren't going to make a real living off this arrangement. Touring and performing is still where it's at for the relative unknowns.

You're correct in that at least the possible exposure to a wider audience is now there, though, and that is certainly a good thing.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 173

You may be in the minority, but you're not alone. I've been using Office since its very first release, and I like the Ribbon UI. As you point out, it is far more consistent than the older menu system, and it can be unpinned so that it only takes up a single line except when clicked on (negating the real-estate complaint of one of your repliers), just like the old text menus. Keyboard shortcuts work just fine, too. I really do believe the dislike is more of a "hey this is new and different and unfamiliar" reaction, as the reasons I've seen people provide thus far don't really hold up.

Comment Re:Change is bad (Score 1) 173

...change is almost always bad.

I have to ask the question - is it easier for this round of newcomers to learn the new interface than it was for the LAST round of newcomers to learn the OLD interface? If not, then yes, the change is bad (or at least, no better than current state); if not, then it was an improvement. Change isn't bad just because things are now different.

Comment Re:what's so "unthinkable"? (Score 1) 257

Serious question: in today's software environment, is there anything that *doesn't* phone home to report on usage and habits? I have only dabbled with Linux at home and haven't read much about it, so admit my ignorance there, but when we talk phones, PCs (or Macs), browsers, apps, probably even many games, how, short of detaching from the Internet, can one possibly remain "safe." No troll nor snark, seriously would like to hear your thoughts.

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