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Journal Journal: it's broken 1

after about of month living with terrible karma I've discovered how broken the lower spectrum of karma is. for all five of you reading this(if that) the main problem with this is its pretty much shoving all those comments in a box to just be ignored. doesn't matter if its a meaningful contribution or just another troll its left out all the same. in my case i was given this karma for two reasons. 1. a misguided attempt at humor and the other the mistake of trusting the small blurb on a story was actually what it appeared to be and not blatantly out of context. in a way its almost censorship. a basic and semi needed censorship but censorship none the less. its starting to make me wonder how much of those hidden "troll' comments are actually extremely intelligent and unsaid facts that are being denied to the public for fear of this 'troll' spamming around. the thing is i get that a system is needed to prevent random spam. but quite literally no one is checking every once and a while to make sure that spam is actually spam. the fact is people are human and the can make mistakes. in my case i was an average user that made two consecutive ones and was instantly branded a troll. but there needs to be a balance to separate the people who make mistakes and the people who just like ruining things for everyone. now i know what your thinking "yeah this would be real great if it wasn't from a troll!" to prevent myself from sounding like a troll i offer you to either ignore the numbers for once and check for yourself to see if im actually a troll or just continue on your marry way. either way is fine. i cant control you to do my bidding or change your minds if you don't want to. now for the half person who actually did that and agreed that ive actually produced good comments in most cases then your saying "well there's no other option so we just have to stick with what we have" now he ultra rare case that a Slashdot mod/programming monkey randomly comes along this i offer this suggestion. parole. after a set amount first time amount first time offenders of trolling will have the -1 status removed to see if their learned there lesson. the fact is most serious trolls that this system is protecting us from, will either create a mule to continue trolling or just troll anonymously. where as people like me who are labeled trolls for whatever reason can prove that they have either learned there lesson or made a mistake that they do not intend on repeating. now to the .1 of you still reading this and aren't instantly commenting insults ect (in a trolling manner i might add) the most i can suggest is share this. who knows this might change something but i honestly doubt it.

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