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Journal Journal: it's broken 1

after about of month living with terrible karma I've discovered how broken the lower spectrum of karma is. for all five of you reading this(if that) the main problem with this is its pretty much shoving all those comments in a box to just be ignored. doesn't matter if its a meaningful contribution or just another troll its left out all the same. in my case i was given this karma for two reasons. 1. a misguided attempt at humor and the other the mistake of trusting the small blurb on a story w


Submission + - New attack bypasses virtually all AV protection (theregister.co.uk)

schwit1 writes: Researchers say they've devised a way to bypass protections built in to dozens of the most popular desktop anti-virus products, including those offered by McAfee, Trend Micro, AVG, and BitDefender.

The method, developed by software security researchers at matousec.com, works by exploiting the driver hooks the anti-virus programs bury deep inside the Windows operating system. In essence, it works by sending them a sample of benign code that passes their security checks and then, before it's executed, swaps it out with a malicious payload.

Submission + - Will Wright delivers GameTech 2010 Keynote (dodlive.mil)

ArmedwithScience writes: This year’s Defense GameTech Conference featured a keynote by Will Wright, designer of popular games like SimCity, SimEarth, and The Sims.Wright gave an outstanding presentation on the intersection of military gaming and commercial gaming technologies, including historical precedents. His rapid fire delivery of nearly 200 slides in 50 minutes left the audience mesmerized and a bit overwhelmed.

Comment how much to you want to bet? (Score -1) 249

thing is i can almost guarantee that at least a portion of motives is the nds home brew. nintendo has pretty much done everything but flat out say they hate it. witch to be honest is horrible. i wish they would look at the success of xna. that would not only please the home brewers but also give them no need to crack it. nitnendo has pretty much done everything but say they are not fans of inde developers. it costs thousands of dollars to get the sdk to make nintenware. then you have to pay a fee for them to just look at it. which of coarse they can still reject. in a way nintendo is worse then apple. at least apple has the smarts to release the sdk for the public to play with. im sure if questioned they'd say something like "oh we want to ensure the quality of the games" the fact is with something similar to the xbox live submission where gamers have to vote on them.

Submission + - Free Software and Tech Progress (americanthinker.com)

Attila Dimedici writes: This is a good article of a conservative view of Open Source software.

The key to faster technological progress is the more widespread use of free software. Free versus proprietary (or non-free) software bears comparison to the divide between science and alchemy. Before science, there was alchemy, where people guarded their ideas because they wanted to corner the market on the means to convert lead into gold. The downside of this "strategy" is that everyone would have to learn for himself that drinking mercury is a bad idea. The end of the Dark Ages arrived when man started to share advancements in math and science for others to use and improve upon.


Submission + - Open sourced freeware Alien Arena 2010 released. (phoronix.com)

Alienkillerrace writes: The open sourced freeware game, Alien Arena, has been updated with a brand new release that addresses security bugfixes, new content, and renderer updates. In addition, a number of gameplay tweaks and new content have been added to this cross-platform multiplayer shooter.

Submission + - Facebook exec defends site's privacy policies (computerworld.com)

CWmike writes: Social networking giant Facebook has been taking it hard on the chin lately as critics contend that recent upgrades to the site and a bug that lets users view their friends' chat sessions raise a bevy of privacy issues. However, in an interview with Computerworld on Thursday, one Facebook executive insisted that users are happy with recent changes to the site despite the hornet's nest of controversy stirred up by online pundits and commentators. Ethan Beard, director of Facebook's developer network, noted that the millions of users that have joined Facebook's social network did so specifically to share information. Beard also talked about the social network's controversial privacy settings, why users' information isn't private by default, and reports that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that people shouldn't expect online privacy. Is it just the media to blame for hyping Facebook's privacy woes?

Submission + - Pay What You Want for Indie Game Bundle Read more (wolfire.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Here's a very cool offer if you do any gaming on your computer (actually, it's also a good reason to start if you don't play games) — there's a pay what you want event for 5 great indie games. The Humble Indie Bundle, as it's called, contains World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD, and Penumbra Overture, and you can pay whatever you want for it! The proceeds are split between the 5 developers as well as the 2 gaming related charities Child's Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation. You can designate how you want your money split up as well.

The games run on Windows, Mac, and Linux. You're getting some quality titles here. Here's what a few of the titles score on Metacritic.com: World of Goo gets a 90/100, Aquaria 82/100, and Gish scores 80/100.

You can pay what you want of course, but this is a great initiative from the developers (the games are also DRM free), and in our opinion, they've earned a few dollars. The average donation is around $8.

Comment for your thoughts. (Score -1) 764

says the person sitting on the biggest compilation of data ever to exist (aka the internet). sayings there's to much of it is no excuse. one of the main reasons why we are held back technologically is the fact that scientists consider themselves to be in this vip exclusive club. things like the debacle of Jan Hendrik Schön could have easily been caught more quickly if more eyes where able to peer over it.

Comment data != tangable objects (Score 0) 224

in my opinion the main reason why there is such an issue is because the media industry is basically trying to sell abstract ideas. take the example of a video game. is the code itself copyrighted or just the end result? if its the code then how much change needs to be made for you to get around those pesky copyright laws.of coarse the industry is going to want to tell you to sell it. its what they do. they'd market air if they had the opportunity. personally i think free and open source software is going to not only turn our current economy on its head, but also possibly improve it. the thing is the more we try to bottle are thoughts and sell them the more we hinder the growth of humanity. i for one think that we would be way more advanced if it wasn't for i need to sell information. many great ideas have been cut short because it wasn't "profitable" enough. i really hope that the digital age will help change the perception of compensation. just to be clear I'm not advising that we stop right now and burn all of our money. as Russia proved that idealistic society where everyone is equal is impossible as long as human greed still exists. i just hope that with the digital age instead of shallow pieces of paper we barter information with each other.

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