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Comment Re: Missing options (Score 1) 548

iOS on iPad Pro 12.9" here. My old Linux desktop died, have an old Windows laptop for iTunes mostly & have a low-power linux server with MythTV, but I am primarily using the iPad. Still trying to figure out what I want in a primary "Desktop" computer. Debating home built, Gaming Laptop or maybe a Steam Machine. Leaning against the Gaming Laptop. I think it my be a little while till then though.

Comment Re:Ha hA! (Score 1) 109

The windows 10 updates are opt out. There are 2 settings. Share over lan & share over you internet connection.

  Win10 has very bad defaults on a number of things. Reseting default apps without clearly showing that you can prevent it, many privacy settings, no parental controls without a MS account(i.e. requires internet to set up), forced updates & probably alot more. My thoughts on the updates it that they should have a setting to delay updates, say 1-14 days. I do think people should be updating, but knowledgable people should have the option to delay.

Comment Re:Openvpn (Score 1) 173

I 2nd Openvpn. Though I don't think it is something you'd have to have on all the time. Set up the router at Loc. B with Openvpn so you can log in. Set up static DHCP addresses for all devices. You can then connect from A or work or wherever to check logs or allow/block a specific device. I'd use personally OpenWRT for the router's os. Set it up so that you son's devices are routed through a log of some sort before leaving to the outside.

Comment Cost savings (Score 1) 456

I see a lot of people seemingly missing the bigger issues.

1. Savings over time with a new HVAC system
The HVAC system in place has obviously been in use for 30+ years. In that time a lot of efficiency in these systems has occurred. In 5 years the school district will probably recouped a significant portion of that in energy savings.

2. Just replacing parts may work, but doesn't change the fact that the whole HVAC system is 30+ years old.
You can't expect to just replace one boiler out of say 2 or 3 and expect the other(s) to last another 30 years till they consider doing the whole system.

3. Control system that it will be replaced with probably not much more powerful than a Raspberry Pi.
Most of the cost is probably the AC and heating units and LABOR. The control part are probably the least of the costs.

FWIW. It is really bad that we have to have the Governments of the world to tell manufacturers to improve their products efficiency. Mostly I think of autos, but there probably are alot of things (Energy Star?) that have improved because of the governments rather than bringing the best product to market in the first place.

Comment Mobile (Score 1) 2219

I just like to say that the beta loads extremely better than classic. Classic is just terrible on my iPad. I understand that the beta has some rough spots, text looks terrible on linux Firefox for instance, but with the ever changing device choices, change is needed.

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