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Comment Re:multitasking (Score 1) 1003

I think you got that backwards. If it were up to me, manual transmission would be the only transmission available because it promotes paying attention to driving instead of doing other stuff. Automatic transmission cause so many problems, least of which is enabling someone to "multitask" in the car when they should be driving.

Comment Why? Is Ericsson the reason why SE phones suck? (Score 1) 61

Is Ericsson preventing Sony from making decent phones? Is Ericsson the reason why SE phones are so shitty? Looking at Sony's other offerings, I suspect Sony has itself to blame for SE losing out to Nokia, Samsung and Apple. Sony has a long and inglorious history of making proprietary crap. Consumers don't want your slow buggy custom Android crap. HTC, Samsung and Motorola have all gotten a chance to become Google partners via Nexus and Xoom, except for Sony.

Comment .NET? (Score 1) 198

I wouldn't be surprised if he was actually talking about the proliferation of .NET contracts in the govt. After moving to DC from Seattle, I was surprised to see how prevalent .NET was in govt job listings. The problem with the .NET community is that it has too many overpaid and unqualified MCSE paper engineers, and for the govt to base its IT infrastructure on such tech is a big waste of money. The govt would do better to go open source.

Comment Re:Biochem *the* most marketable right now (Score 1) 332

I have a BS in biochemistry and the gp is correct. If I didn't already have work experience doing web development, I would've been fucked when I graduated with my biochemistry degree. A PhD in biochemistry only leads to a job at a university--and universities aren't hiring. Most PhDs are woefully underqualified for private sector jobs that require a PhD because they lack real world work experience. All your l33t lab skillz can be done by computers or interns, so all you have left is a piece of paper that says you're smart.

Comment Re:Regarding IE (Score 0) 193

I wish I had points to vote this up.

Slashdot likes to paint this as an organisation in love with everything MS. I'm more pragmatic and see it an organisation maintaining the status quo. Everyone already knows how to use Office, documents are already produced in Office formats, etc. It would cost them a non-trivial amount of time and money (read: a lot) to move to an open source system just to satisfy some religious debate about open v closed source products. Even if they convert to ODF internally, they still have to go through the hassle of converting everything to Office formats anyway when it comes time to share files externally. The Office formats are the lingua franca of information exchange. Everyone has to support that. Even MS has to keep supporting .doc along side .docx.

Of course, the other side to that argument is that it is relative small short term cost for huge long term savings. Office is expensive and it costs a lot to maintain the status quo.

Comment If no numbers, at least snapshots (Score 1) 336

Ok, I understand the whole "living document" reason, but as developers, we're gonna need at the very least a snapshot of HTML from time to time. We need milestones/pseudo-versions. Otherwise, we're going back to the wild west days of IE4 and Netscape where the internet was a broken mess of incompatible websites each targeting a specific browser, instead of a common version of HTML.

Thanks for nothing, W3C. I guess HTML "5" become too much of a hot topic.

Comment Re:No kidding (Score 1) 431

What geeks tend to forget is that there are more consumers than content creators. There will always be a need for a traditional PC (aka: work), but for most people, tablets will be their main (non-work) computer in the future. The netbook trend exploited the fact that all regular people really want to do is get on the internet, check email/Facebook and maybe edit some Word docs.

The same thing occurred in gaming. Everyone likes to play video games, even girls, but not everyone is a hardcore gamer playing FPS and WOW. The casual gaming market didn't come out of thin air. It was always there, but the industry was too busy selling to l33t gamers and frat boys.

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