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Comment Re:Pascal-based? (Score 1) 121

I don't know if other languages overtook Pascal because of 'structural flaws', but I myself adopted C over Pascal because at the time it was obviously better for raw power and speed. This is true for the processors and architectures that I have developed on (6502/x86/SPARC/AMD64).

As much as I love C, it is not a good fit on other architectures such as stack machines. Burroughs machines (now UNISYS) use an extended version of ALGOL as a system language with impressive results, especially when it comes to security (not vulnerable to buffer overflows).

I am a C programmer at heart, but have an argument with your assumption that Pascal (or related languages) is dead. I could be wrong, but I think you may be brushing off its merits based on the widespread architecture of today.

Yet, you may have hit the nail when saying it is about the Pascal chip, but that doesn't exclude the language - it makes it a holistic part of the system design.

Comment Re:Pascal-based? (Score 1) 121

Some people do. It is a very well defined language worth looking into even if only for academic reasons.

Some would say that everything old is new again; good design merits consideration.

I am not suprised by this. When faced with coming up with something better, why not choose something old (and proven) rather than try to create something new?

Comment Re:Until (Score 1) 374

Astrobe looks nice, but runs on Windows only. I might otherwise check check if out, even if it only targets a few ARM microcontrollers and FPGAs.

Fine if you are designing the hardware with the constraint of what the tool supports. It may work for some, but not everyone.

C on the other hand is ubiquitous.

Comment Re:Until (Score 1) 374

My C Compiler is written in Oberon and every time I have to port C to a new platform, I have to compile it with Oberon first, so I might as well use Oberon in the first place...except on the Unisys MCP where they use Algol as a system language.

Ok.. I jest, and despite that have great respect for Niklaus Wirth. But it is not like Oberon is a straight forward drop in replacement for C.

Comment Re:If the *.AA think it's bad (Score 1) 134

"Plus it's a 'greener' choice - No dead trees."

It is not that simple; an ebook requires a device that consumes power every time you read it. Some devices consume more power than others.

I am all for having more trees, but you cannot have an infinite amount of them. As long as a new tree replaces the 'dead' one, carbon is taken out of the atmosphere. Paper is a form of fixated carbon. Although energy is required to get it to its final format, so does a tablet.

Comment Re:Babel, tower of (or was it Hanoi?) (Score 3, Insightful) 328

I have to assume that this is coming from a uni-lingual Anglophone perspective. Although English is presently the international language of business, it does not mean that it will remain so over time, neither that everyone should conform to your expectations of convenience.

The perceived problem is only from your perspective. From mine, knowing more languages is not a problem, it is an exercise in expansion of the brain. Music is even better. Further more, I find English to by a somewhat dry language. I express myself differently in French and Spanish and would love to be fluent in Russian, German, Mandarin and Cantonese.

As for ASCII have it your way, but I prefer EBCDIC.

Comment Re:The rules don't see fair... do they? (Score 1) 40

Actually, I cannot see why they couldn't do it if they wanted to. I'm just curious why you state that It's not even a factor. I can see that they would have other things that they would want to focus on, but NASA managed to do it in their first try in 1969, then repeatedly without ever crashing on the Moon.

The lack of atmosphere and diminished gravity is a plus, so why the certainty in their inability to do so?

My guess is that they choose to focus on a critical path to Mars as opposed to do everything and be everything, but that said, it might be amusing for them to try.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 2) 173

Yes - Windows operates this way too. Now you can't find anything - ever. You have to search for everything, which makes everything at least a two step process. Its like they go out of their way to change menus and hide stuff so you have to search for it.

Why some people think that they need to leave their mark on this world by ruining software that is proven to work is beyond me. Sad that LibreOffice is going to join the list.

Comment Re:Reads Like An Ad (Score 1) 431

I can't comment on heavy neutron impact and what role it plays here (maybe you can educate me) but this experiment is about containing high energy plasma for a long enough time to make fusion feasible. Because the topology of this device makes fluctuations in the plasma self correcting, we may not need better superconductors.

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