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Comment Re:Something fishy here... (Score 1) 140

I don't believe he was 15 either. FTFA:

I was working on a client project back in 2009, a Craigslist aggregator which I wrote in Catalyst, and spent a large portion of my vacation in Mexico trying to get it to work on the client's IIS server. It was a nightmare....

That would have made him about 13 at the time. What company employ's a 13 year old to work on expensive company servers. Regardless if he is a prodigy.

Comment Re:Bitcoin (Score 1) 768

It's very different. Bitcoin should have no value. It's not a currency. Nobody is buying anything with it, noone is requiring it as a method of payment. It's as worthless as matchsticks and should be nothing more than 'kudos points'. Gold on the other hand is rare, precious and useful.

Comment Re:WTF? How is this right? (Score 1) 116

Totally. Google have been using 'Chrome' since 2008. Xi3 since 2009-2010. It's obvious they are just taking a cheap shot at google to see what falls out. The ChromiumPC is specifically designed to run Chromium (os) so how can they say that they were using the name first. Jokers. They should be counter sued.

Comment Re:Facebook Privacy Concept is Flawed... (Score 1) 159

Anybody can post information about you.

Sure they can, Much in the same way the newspapers can run a story on you that you did not give consent for. The difference is that because facebook potentially store a lot of information on you and are constantly attempting to make it public. Whereas a newspaper article may stop at your name and possibly an embarrassing picture of you caught at mid pose. A facebook account may go as far as to divulge everything from your current location too you being 'tagged' in the aforementioned newspaper article; oh yeah and your back catalog of relationships, your parents and siblings, your dogs name, what side of the bed you sleep on etc...

And for what I ask you? I'm not about to write a Doctorate on what facebook is, but to me it's a load of people talking insignificant drivel (i can't believe you are still reading this :-) that most of the time struggle to make a coherent sentence. At the same time being bombarded with messages from people that want your money.

I also quit facebook today.

Submission + - Cookies will require consent (

An anonymous reader writes: This is circulating work at the moment thought it was quite interesting. I particularly like the bit "It is so breathtakingly stupid that the normally law-abiding business may be tempted to bend the rules to breaking point."

Comment Re:Not very surprising historically (Score 1) 554

I for one wouldnt block the authorities from accessing my encrypted data. Although it would be under my conditions for example they would be able to inspect it only with my presence and nothing would be printed or copied. After all thats the whole reason that data is encrypted in the first place. It is sensitive data uaually consisting of material that if comprimised could potentially destroy a career/life/personal security/identity/reputation.

Comment Re:the organic lobby got one thing right. (Score 1) 921

One thing about organic food lobbists is they understand people no longer have a clue about food, and they exploit that ignorance to charge a premium for "organic" food (what ever the fuck that is supposed to be).

it's this ignorant mind set that supports the omgs chemicals are teh evilz rubbish that's all over the internet.

You seem to forget that these chemicals are groth hormones and pesticides. While these may be safe to consume up to a certain level their not necessary. THAT is the point of organic food - to promote genetic diversity. You will have kinds that are immune to certain diseases and others that are able to protect against certain pests all over time. Meanwhile at the same time controlling the amount of polution that comes in to contact by non-destructive means. My friend owns a cattle farm and i know the regulations behind classifying his produce as ogranic are subject to regular inspections. If even as much as a tin of paint goes within 100 meters of grazing land there could be reprocussions.

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