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Comment Why even have a single government-owned indentity? (Score 1) 162

These arguments miss the real point.
You have permitted a government to define, control and essentially own your identity.
There is no commercial or honest need for this.

Most of us using Slashdot have multiple identities (user names) for the different boards we log into on the net. For each one we have established a reputation for good or ill that serves as our good-will or "credit" on that board.
If the government wishes to issue a Tax ID, OK. But only I and they need to know it.
If a credit company wishes to issue a credit ID to track my credit history, maybe OK, but they do not need to know my SSN, or even if I have one.

I'll go farther: no one needs to know my real name, or even if I have one.

Only those with a purient lust to know about others "need" to know everything. Rememeber that such lusts are insatiable, and that tolerating them feeds them. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

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