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Comment How about some useful books? (Score 1) 700

Well, I guess you need to find out what's important to you and then take it from there. I would recommend "The Personal MBA" by Josh Kaufman. Before you run away in terror, it's not really a business book. Sure, it covers some business topics, but not in great detail. The idea behind this book is to briefly outline most concepts and principles that you'll encounter in a business setting. Each "topic" is about 1 page long, covering principles ranging from sales, marketing and finance through to leadership, management, psychology and personal development. The end result is a basic overview of just about topic you may encounter in your career. Each topic has a number of references which can be followed if you desire. I found this book quite interesting because it gave me some insight into the what the psychopaths running the company I work for are trying to achieve. It also gave me a starting point to further investigate a number of other topics.

Read this book to find out what other books you need to read.

Apart from that, I would also recommend:
Team Geek - Fitzpatrick, Collins-Sussman (really good book!)
Rework - 37 Signals
Being Geek - Michael Lopp (a lot of fluff in this one though)
Lean Startup - Eric Ries (if you're thinking of going it alone)

Comment Re:Lots of red flags, little tech (Score 1) 155

Actually, I think it's got less to do with the quality and more to do with actual usefulness.

Most professional photographers and many enthusiastic amateurs take photos that are going to end up being printed somewhere, be it a magazine, advert or just a picture on the wall. In that case, light fields aren't much help. Sure it could help you make sure your photos are tack sharp in post production, but most photographers with a bit of experience know how to do this anyway.

Another commenter said this will be good for facebook and I agree. Online is a great medium for these sorts of images(?) where people can click around the image and adjust the focus, although it could be used for evil as well as good, I'm sure. Once there are a few applications and codecs around for displaying these images I think it could really take off.

Well done to these guys for advancing the state of the art!

Comment Re:Talk about a double standard (Score 1) 266

not trying to troll or anything. This is a serious attempt at being informative.

fubar = fucked up beyond all recognition (or something similar)
So the phrase "fubaring up my XP system by..." would be understood as "fucking up beyond all recognition up my XP system by..." which isn't quite correct. Please drop the extra "up".

Good luck with your future fubaring's.

Comment Funambol (Score 1) 222

I'd recommend trying Funambol. It's an open source sync server that works with SyncML. You can set up the server pretty easily on one of your work stations. There are sync clients for Evolution and just about every mobile phone. It has some short comings in that it doesn't support every single field in the various data types (contacts, calendar, events, notes) but for most people it's good enough.

Comment Re:I hope this dies on the vine. (Score 2, Insightful) 374

For Christ's sake, why do you have to be so negative? How is this any different to normal library books? I think this is a great idea and could save a lot of people money especially when it comes to school/technical/reference books. It would probably kill the O'Reilly bookshelf.

I wish they'd start doing something like this but with music and movies. I know, it'll never happen.

Comment Re:Apple Insider? Pah! (Score 2, Insightful) 154

I just tried it too. I noticed a definite improvement in performance across all apps. The music app still takes forever to launch but it's better than it was with spotlight enabled. I don't think I've ever used spotlight on my iPod so disabling was a small price to pay for a bit of extra performance and probably better battery life.

I agree with everything you've said but your post makes it sound like disabling spotlight doesn't help at all which might discourage people from trying this hack.

Comment Re:Are you serious? (Score 2, Informative) 342

from TFA:

After all, many of Ballmer's minions have their wealth tied up in Microsoft stock options and it is quite disconcerting for them to look at a 10-year chart that shows the company's share price of $48.93 when Ballmer took over in January 2000 now down to $25.12. (for the math-challenged, that's a nearly 50 percent loss in value over the last decade).

If you'd invested some money in MS shares 10 years ago you'd be able to sell them for half the amount today. If I was a shareholder I'd be furious. Generally you'd expect to make some (even minor) capital gain on a stock like MS over that period.

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