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Comment Figure out what the boss would do yourself (Score 4, Interesting) 553

I think, ultimately, what critical thinking means is to internalize the ideology of your employer, i.e. you're hired to make decisions that account for everything that fits your employer's methods and goals. This is necessary because there are many, many minute decisions for the employee to make that the employer simply cannot dictate to the employee in every case. The book "Disciplined Minds" called this ideological discipline, and discussed it at length in terms of professional level work, where the professional is trusted to maintain the company ideology within the narrow range of creativity defined by their job. Makes sense to me.

Comment Re:The problem isn't open access journals... (Score 1) 194

I'd mod you up if I had points, so instead I'll just say that I think there is truth to what you have said. Researchers, professors in particular, are very busy people and can only spend so much time on a thorough review of a submitted article. Finding some way to help automate this would be a great research project and a great help to the whole process.

Comment Pedal power FTW (Score 1) 126

Pedal powered generators have been used to power remote communications for a long time: That's possibly better than wasting your camp fuel to achieve a charge. Maybe the trick is not to charge the phone, but to run the generator when you need the phone, as these pedal powered radios were operated.

Comment Good reason for this exercise? (Score 1) 1130

While I'm sure they have their good reasons for this exercise, I don't think this is the sort of military behavior a "free" society should ever have to experience. Why can't they do it in simulation or in the middle of the desert? Why like this now? I can only imagine being in traffic when this happens...

Comment Re:Forget tinfoil hats (Score 1) 341

It is called a stucco house.

If the expanded metal mesh that the stucco is trowed onto overlaps correctly the house is nearly opaque to RF. Use Al or Cu screen to support insulation in the roof and tie the walls and roof together and your "hat" is complete.

Do not forget that doors and windows allow electromagnetic energy to pass.

Aluminized mirrors are also good shields. That geek with mirrors on the walls and ceiling was on to something.

Interesting. I didn't realize stucco required metal. I thought it was only cement and ceramic.

Comment Simple: respect (Score 1) 823

Respect people. Having or not having lots of specific knowledge (read: being a nerd) is not a sufficient condition for respect. Try to see where others are coming from. Maybe they've never been put in the situation you are in, such that nerdiness is so important. You will find that other people who are worth being around will respect you. Your problems with arrogance will be no more. Maybe some of your arrogant friends will act this way too. At least you care already.

P.S. Your post has a high level of vocabulary. That could be off-putting to a lot of people. Your first goal in speaking should be to communicate. That doesn't always mean using the most specific words. Good luck!

Comment Energy density (Score 1) 580

One really great advantage to this is the energy density of gasoline. Though the process for producing is inefficient, gasoline and other hydrocarbons are still really good at being stable and energy dense. That is one reason why we've been driving hydrocarbon fueled vehicles instead of battery powered vehicles for so long. Gasoline is fairly stable for a long time and quite energy dense. A gallon in an efficient vehicle can go many miles, using relatively simple technology.

Only recently has battery technology become competitive in this regard. Of course, this doesn't solve the atmospheric CO2 level problem. Or the problem of obtaining energy in the first place. This (if it works at all) could be another tool in making renewable energy more viable.

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