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Comment Doing this is not smart (Score 1) 228

Obviously this guy won't see this comment, but it is not recommended that you leave anything of weight (especially other magnets) attached to subdermal magnets embedded under the skin. It prevents blood flow to the skin being pinched between the magnets, which can kill the skin and cause the body to reject the magnets or create a nasty infection. Similar to that buckyballs incident where a girl swallowed a couple and it really screwed her intestines up.

Comment Re:Power (Score 1) 255

WDTV Live really impressed me a couple years ago first time I saw it. If you want something that works as well as WDTV but also want library scraping, XBMC on any new tiny-formfactor atom/ion computer should do it for about 30w. A heck of a lot less than xbox/ps3 + transcoding computer. I use XBMC daily, though I have a NAS that holds the media, which consumes another 24w or so. *Still* less than my xbox at idle.

Comment Re:Asus RT-N16 (Score 1) 398

I have the RT-N16 also and am pretty sure it is just 10/100. You are going to have a difficult time finding a consumer router that has the processing power needed to perform Layer 3 switching anywhere above 100mbit/sec. I just had to retire my WRT54G and upgrade to this because it was maxing out at about 15mbit/sec to the WAN.

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