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Comment Re:0_0 (Score 0) 326

jeremy camp has some interesting christian music, nothing ground breaking, or all that different from the other "sounds like everything else" christian music, but he is talented. rap however has improved DRASTICALLY. it used to be corny as could be but now there are several groups to be taken seriously. cross movement, lecrae, amassador to name a few.

Comment you can do it! (Score 0, Redundant) 378

I made the jump from sheep to human over 6 years ago. I moved into a large house with some friends, we had all planned on getting cable tv and internet when we moved in. for some reason, I dont recall why, we couldnt get service hooked up for over a month. not having internet kinda sucked, but there was a coffee shop down the way that had it free. at the end of the waiting period, they finaly hooked up the house, we got internet running and all was well. couple days went by and we said, wait, didnt we buy cable tv? how come we havent hooked it up? looking at each other we asked, uh, do you miss it? we all agreed our lives had become that much richer NOT having cable tv in the house. and we didnt, and I havent ever since. I now rent a room from some people, I have cable hooked up in my room, I have plans to watch mythbusters on sundays, but it never really happens. I cant see myself having cable tv ever again. I have netflix, while the content isnt what it used to be, its still enough for me to unwind after work.

Comment Re:Your Honor! (Score 1) 494

Without knowing what was said, if threats were made, if this person actually had the ability to carry out these threats, it is difficult to judge whats right in this case. Name calling and stuff like that doesn't warrant an arrest in my opinion, but if there were legitimate threats made then the police were correct in arresting this person. You can not go around threatening to beat people up any more than you could go into a theater and yell "fire!". Punishing people in cases like this is not a violation of freedom of speech, its showing people there are consequences to their actions.

Comment Re:Movies (Score 1) 438

maybe im just different than most people, but I take movie watching as an experience, not just "seeing the movie", its not enough for me. I wouldn't consider myself an audiophile or videophile, but I am a lot more picky than most folk. Honestly I thought "Surrogates" was a pretty decent flick, nothing terribly special but it was an excellent commentary on this world and how vain people are, and to a lesser extent, how afraid of the world people are.

Comment Re:Movies (Score 1) 438

I think the idea is they put the laptop on the floor and have a decent camera clipped to their hat or something. That's what I would do anyway. I don't really get it anyway, can any one really enjoy and appreciate a movie when watched in such conditions? poor audio, poor picture, why would you want to see a movie like that?

Comment Re:READ TFA!!!!!!! (Score 1) 251

I feel sorry for you, based on this post and others by you I can CONCLUDE that you harbor a great deal of pain and anger, and are the type of person that attributes the worst possible example to anything else that looks similar. I will give you that there are a great number of police officers out there that get their jollys by being a bully, but I can promise you it is not the majority. it is a difficult job emotionaly, some of them are unable to deal with it properly and become hardened. it is unfortunate, but 90% of the police I have met are very nice people and do the job cause they like to help people.

Comment paranoia (Score 1) 431

by this study, one could also conclude that this same bacteria would grow in the head of one of those acrobatic water things on the kitchen sink, and the hose extension to the kitchen sink. I use both regularly and ingest a significant ammount of the water from those devices. I should have a lot of health problems if this were really a problem.

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